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OAPC Event Webpage Coming Online

Date: Aug 07 2008 23:32:14 Source: Official Views:

Finally, the Event webpage for the Olympic Athlete Pose Competition has been released online today. We apologize for the long wait. Let's look at some of the pages' features:
Click here to enter OAPC page

1. Uploading area:

Please click here to access the picture uploading requirement page.

2. Cheer on the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

You can place your comments for the Olympic Games or Conquer Online. Please click here to enter the wish page, then click "I want to make a wish", leave your server name, character name and your wishes and submit. Your wishes for the Olympic Games will appear on the screen. You can also move the small wish note to wherever you would like it to be.

3. Live Support:

Click on it and talk to a customer service representative if you have any questions about the event or our game.


This function will include all the issues you may ask. We provide frequently asked questions and answers for you to choose from. Try out this Q&A, it will clear up anything you may be wondering about this competition.

5. Flash Game:

Feel bored sometimes after school/work? Come try out this flash game and enjoy yourselves.

6. CO Event in August

All of our events in August will be listed in this calendar for you to keep up to date. Click on the date and see the relative event information.

We hope you will enjoy this up and coming Olympic Athlete Pose Competition Event page and please also contact if you have any questions about the event.