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Conquer Qi Xi Special Event is coming!

Date: Aug 06 2008 02:18:03 Source: Official Views:

Dear Conquer players,

The 7th of August is the Chinese traditional festival, Qi Xi, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day or Magpie Festival. To celebrate this Chinese Valentine's Day, we have prepared a cultural introduction and a special quest in game for our players!

Qi Xi Cultural Introduction: The festival stems from a romantic tragedy about the 7th daughter of the Emperor of Heaven and an orphaned cowherder. We have made the introduction into an e-magazine. Please click to enjoy the full content. (requires Adobe Flash Player to view)

Qi Xi Special Quest: Available after the server maintenance on Aug 6th, in the quest, at first you have to help some separated lovers to find each other. Then players will get together to summon the magpies to build a bridge for the separated Herd-boy and Weaving-girl. (Details)

Duration: Aug 6th to Aug 11th

We hope all the players can enjoy this Chinese Valentine's day!