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Olympic Athlete Pose Competition Reminder

Date: Aug 04 2008 02:01:32 Source: Official Views:

We have got many responses for this Olympic Athlete Pose Competition (OAPC) since the news has been released. Many players have been enquiring about what kind of picture they should submit and where to submit?

Well, basically we do have some requirements that you should meet before you submit your pictures. Please check our Notice for OAPC.

Please also remember that the OAPC webpage will be online on the 8th of August. You should upload your pictures on to the OAPC especial designated page to join this competition. No other way of submitting will be considered as an official submission. Here is an example of what a drawn submission may look like:

This is an example of a CO character set in an artistic gymnastic theme. Holding a ribbon and with the pins set into the background.

We received another creative image which is from Stormbreaker, Dark Server. Thanks to Marc Steene and his picture is like this:

Click to enlarge

Don't limit yourself to the pictures like the above. Be creative, make it funny! You may also use screenshots of your character and then modify it! You can visit our official forum to discuss your pictures with other players and you can also poll here for your favorite Olympic games.