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Qi Xi Special Quest Is Coming Out Soon!

Date: Aug 01 2008 01:59:51 Source: Official Views:

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month on the Chinese calendar is the traditional Chinese festival, Qi Xi, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day or Magpie Festival. This year, Qi Xi will fall on the 7th of August. To celebrate this traditional festival, we will provide our players Qi Xi Special Quest!

Date: Aug 6th to Aug 11th

Rewards: Love Forever (Ring); 3 Meteors; Experience worth 30 minutes; 1-day Heaven Blessing

Part 1:

If you can help any two separated lovers in Valentine's Valley to find each other, you'll obtain two identical booklets.

What you need to do is to find a character of the opposite sex and trade one of your booklets for his/her booklet and combine them into a single book!

There is a Match Taoist, who would like to receive all 11 books, and will reward you with a bottle of Manna and a prize --- Love Forever (Ring), 3 Meteors or Experience worth 30 minutes randomly.

Note: This part can be no more than 5 times per day.

Part 2:
Herd-boy and Weaving-girl are two separated lovers. They need help to meet each other.

You can give your Manna to the Magpie Master. Every 100 bottles of Manna can summon 2 magpies to help the Herd-boy and Weaving-girl get closer to each other.
Note: Bottles handed in by everyone will be accumulated and counted in the amount.

When 12 magpies have been summoned, they will form a bridge, bringing happiness to the Herd-boy and the Weaving-girl. Everybody, no matter did the quest or not, can get 1-day's Heaven Blessing from them!


  1. Male players claim the reward from the Herd-boy while female players claim from Weaving-girl.
  2. The blessing can only be claimed once per day.