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Rewards for Trailer Contest Has Been Issued

Date: Aug 01 2008 00:57:33 Source: Official Views:

In the last few days, we issued rewards to our players who were in TOP 20 and finally TOP 3 for this competition. Again, thanks very much to you all who attended this contest and also congratulations to those who got the rewards. And for the champion, we are going to send out the Ipod Nano next Monday. It should arrive in 15 days.

Please refer to following information about the double experience event:

Pyramid: 18:00 1st, Aug - 18:00 4th, Aug
Eternity: 18:00 1st, Aug - 18:00 3rd, Aug
Bluebird: 18:00 1st, Aug - 18:00 2nd, Aug

Please check and contact us on if you do not receive the rewards. And also contact us for any enquiries about the issuing of rewards.