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Notice for Olympic Athlete Pose Competition (OAPC)

Date: Jul 30 2008 03:01:51 Source: Official Views:

This announcement should straighten out all those questions about the new Olympic Athlete Pose Competition that are floating around the boards. This competition is truly about bringing the worldly impression of the Olympics to our Conquer players and getting everyone into the Olympic spirit; as the world is about to take part in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games!

What we are looking for are pictures, drawn or modified screenshots, that depict this combination and atmosphere. There will be three different categories that prizes can be won in: 'Most Popular', 'Most Humorous' and 'Most Creative'. As long as the submission includes an Olympic theme and a Conquer character, preferably your own, it should be accepted. Preferably, select just one event to create a submission in. In dealing with copyrighted symbols, slogans, pictures... well anything... do not include these in your creation; they are copyrighted after all. This also includes such Olympic copyrighted material as the Olympic rings or even the Beijing Games Mascots. Not our call on that front, sorry guys! Read below for more detailed rules and requirements. To do these modifications you may use any program you wish.

Rules and Requirements:

1. Must include Conquer character(s), drawn or screenshot, in an Olympic theme.
2. No nudity or sexual poses!
3. Must not use copyrighted material.
4. Must be submitted before the 25th of August, to our OAPC page (coming soon).
5. Submit with a written description of the submission.
6. Must be in Image format: bmp, jpg or gif.
7. Uploading to the forum will not be considered a submission.

Keep the following information in mind:

  1. Time: Aug 8th - Aug 31st
  2. Poll time for 'Most Popular' will be: Aug 26th - Aug 29th
  3. All the rewards will be announced on Aug 31st
  4. The prizes are going to send out before Sep.10th .

Visit our Official Forum to discuss this competition and also complete Poll Here to tell us what your favorite Olympic events are.