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Introduction of Olympic Athlete Pose Competition

Date: Jul 29 2008 03:36:34 Source: Official Views:

Last week we released our news of the Olympic Athlete Pose Competition on our official website and also asked players to choose their favorite games. It seems many of our players are interested in this competition and today we present a brief introduction of this pose competition.

There will be three different categories for submissions to be judged in. For the first category, 'Most Popular'; players will vote and decide; in regards to the other two, 'Most Humorous' and 'Most Creative' we will carefully decide upon the most fitting submission.  Players are allowed to use any editing software to change your pictures and make it look fabulous.


All three rewards will have 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize.
1st prize: Whole set of Olympic2008 Mascot Dolls (5 in total) + 8 Scratch Cards (2DBs)
2nd prize: One Olympic2008 Mascot Doll + 5 Scratch Cards (2DBs)
3rd prize: 3 Codes (2DBs)


  1. The picture must at least have one CO character, such as Fire Taoist/Warrior
  2. The picture must have Olympic theme, sport theme.
  3. The picture must have an explanation about what it is.

This competition will last about a month, starting on August 8th and running through until August 31st! Everyone may join in regardless of level or server! Simply choose an Olympic event of your choice and, using an in-game screenshot, doctor it using any image editing software of your choosing such that it looks like your character is a participating athlete! Then submit it on our special webpage for Olympic Athlete Pose Competition which is coming soon.

Visit our Official Forum to discuss this competition and also complete Poll Here to tell us what your favorite Olympic events are.