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Have You Voted Today?

Date: Jul 17 2008 02:28:01 Source: Official Views:

It's been 10 days since the poll started. Thank you very much for joining us and voting for your favorite Guild War Trailers. The poll will be closed at PDT 23:59 July 22nd and please refer to 'POLL HERE' on the Guild War Trailer Contest page.

Have you voted today?
If not, then please:
1. Go to POLL PAGE and see the chosen trailers. Enjoy them while having coffee or tea, perhaps?
2. Vote for your guild's trailers.
3. Vote for your favorite trailers.
4. Come to our official forum and discuss your favorite trailers with others.

Do you want your trailers to be viewed and voted by many people?
If so, then we suggest you:
1. Go to POLL PAGE to check your trailer vote count, every day.
2. Ask your guild members to come and share your trailers with them.
3. Do some advertisement on our official forum to promote your trailers.
4. Think about anything you can do to help increase the votes for winning your Ipod Nano.
5. Tell us what you think we can do to help you get more votes?

Once again, good luck in the contest and please contact if you have any queries about the contest or rewards.