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Trailer Contest - It#DY#s POLL time!

Date: Jul 07 2008 01:05:03 Source: Official Views:

It's poll time for our Guild War Trailer Contest starting at PDT 02:00 July 7th. You can vote for your favorite videos through "POLL HERE" portal on the Guild War Trailer Contest page.

All the top 20 videos have a special page to introduce their guilds. Please note that the reward of 5*2DBs will be issued after poll time, on July 23rd to the creator of the trailer. The Ipod Nano will be sent to the winner in 10 days after the poll. We will send the email to the winner before issuing the first reward, double check the account information and confirm the post address with the winner. Please make sure your email is accessible, or you might not be eligible for the prize!

Once again, good luck in the contest and please contact if you have any queries about the contest or rewards.