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Video Uploading Tutorial for GW Trailer Contest

Date: Jun 10 2008 00:00:00 Source: Official Views:

We have recently received some e-mails from our players enquiring about video uploading. Therefore, we are putting together a tutorial on how to upload your video.

The top 20 videos will be awarded:
5*2DBs per selected video (given to the contestant).
Please refer to here for more details about the rewards.

To view the tutorial, follow the steps listed below:

1. Create a Youtube account and join the Conquer Online Group at: (skip this step if you already have a Youtube account).

2. Upload the video to your account

3. Click "upload a video"

And you will see this when you have successfully uploaded your video:

4. When uploading your video, please note:
1) The Title must be: Conquer_****(Your server name)_****(Your guild name)_****(Your character name).
2) The Description must have a brief introduction about your guild and the war it is in.
3) The Video Category must be: Entertainment.
4) The Tag must have 'Conquer Online free MMORPG' in it.
5) The video you submit will not go live until it has been approved by our team.

5. Visit our Group, and add your video to the Conquer Online Group.

You will see  after you add the video successfully to the group.

6. Please note that your videos will be approved within 24 hours during the work-days if they meet all of our requirements. (see our requirements here).