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Patch 5027 Released For Name and Dialogue Changes

Date: Jun 04 2008 00:00:00 Source: Official Views:

We are pleased to announce that Patch 5027 has been released on Jun. 4th, 2008.

Note: Before you install patch, please make sure that you have completely exited the client, or you will fail to update the client successfully.

Download link:

Patch 5027: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 Link5 Link6

Patch 5026-5027: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 Link5 Link6
Patch 5023-5027: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 Link5 Link6

Highlights of Patch 5027

Many dialogues and name changes are lined up for future patches to conquer. These are aimed at making the game better, whether it's humorous, serious or just well-written.

The first of these updates will affect Birth Village and Twin City. Dialogues, one skill name, some avatars and NPC names have changed.

Name changed:

Mr. Nosy is changed to Village Idiot.
KnowItAll is changed to Village Gateman.
BirthManager is changed to Village Wise Guy.

Skill name changed:

Robot is changed to Golem.

Other maps dialogues are also on the waiting list, so stay tuned in.