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Conquer MySpace Round Two! Fight!

Date: Apr 15 2008 00:00:00 Source: Official Views:

In the first round of the Conquer MySpace event, we received many Conquer players requests. Now, there are almost 800 members in Conquer MySpace family. To make Conquer MySpace become stronger and stronger, we've decided to hold the second round of the MySpace event.

April the 15th to May the 15th (inclusive)

1. You must possess a Conquer account
2. You must possess a MySpace account

What To Do:

1 Change your photo in 'MySpace' to one of our game wallpapers:
Click Add/Edit Photo -> Upload Photo -> Upload Conquer wallpaper
Please choose whichever wallpaper you like from the following link:

2. Copy and paste the following content on Conquer 'Hand In Hand' event in your blog, please refer the content below:

3. Visit our MySpace website and add it to your friends' network (click "add to friends"). Don't forget to send a message (click "send message" in our MySpace website) to us with your exact Conquer character name and server name.)

2*2 Package DBs (50 players)

Just do 3 steps, you will have the chance to win these prizes! Easy, isn't it? Grab the opportunity and join the Conquer MySpace community today!