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Anima Group Purchase & Upgrade 12/24-1/13

Date: 2019-12-24 01:09 Source: Official Views:
Heroes, please note that starting today, you can participate in the Anima Group Purchase. Call your friends to participate together and win CPs!
December 24th - January 13th
Above 2nd rebirth
Twin City(384,436)
How to play:
1. All heroes who reach 2nd rebirth can find Lilie to participate in Anima Group Purchase & Upgrade. 
2. Each group purchase requires 10 heroes to participate, and each hero only needs to pay one tenth of the price of the corresponding different levels Anima.
Anima Phase
Price(Each Hero)
P4 Anima
4 CPs
P5 Anima
8 CPs
P6 Anima
16 CPs
P7 Anima
32 CPs
P8 Anima
64 CPs
P9 Anima
128 CPs
P10 Anima
256 CPs
P11 Anima
512 CPs
P12 Anima
1024 CPs
Note: It requires 10 heroes to purchase and upgrade Animae collectively. If today there are no 10 heroes participating in the purchase, the participation fee will be returned to your mail.
3. When there are 10 heroes participating in the Group Purchase & Upgrade of an Anima, you’ll chance to win CPs, If it succeeds, you’ll receive 1/10 of CPs that Anima is worth. If it fails, you will get some CPs(B) as compensation.
Come and participate, we wish you good luck!
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