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0.99 USD for Treasure Event will Start on October 16th

Date: 2020-10-16 01:30 Source: Official Views:
Attention, heroes!
Attention, heroes! Event 0.99 USD for Treasure will start on October 16th and October 23rd, you will have chance to win precious item with only 0.99 USD.
This time will provide a P13 Anima and ChiBooster(+1) for bid. Please go to the event page to check it out. 
We will have various items for players to bid in the event including ingame items and real items. Each item has its value and a certain period of time for bid, and item will be have certain amount of bids according to its value, for example, the value of a P13 Anima is 299 USD, it will have 299 bids for players to try luck, each bid costs 0.99 USD, and we set 48 hours for the bid. If all the bids are sold out within 72 hours, the system will randomly pick a lucky player as the winner of the item. One player can purchase multiple bids to get a bigger chance to win the item. 
If the bids are not sold out within the limited time, the system will pick randomly from the players who already purchased the bids. 
items amount of bids duration date
P13 Anima 299 72 hours 10.16
ChiBooster(+1)  999 96 hours 10.23
Note: The system will pick the winner when time is up.
Currently there are 3 payment methods available: PayPal, adyen and Onecard, please choose the one that is convenient for you to make the purchase. 
We may have real items for bid in the future, for the real items, we need your delivery information to send it to you, please make sure you fill in the correct information in My Information section. We will arrange the delivery as soon as possible.

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