Legends Return Season II Public Test Realms

The Conquer Online Public Test Realms (PTRs) are used to test upcoming content patches in a controlled online environment, before they are released to the live servers. The CO team gathers information from the public test through the game.

Public Test Realms Events starts on PDT 18:00, June 23rd.
Characters (level 70+) on Server Dragon and Lucky 7 are granted access to PTR to test the new features of Legends Return Season II.

I. Download and install the PTR client.

II. Select your server and login with your current account ID and password. (There will be 2 separate servers, respectively named 'Dragon' and 'Lucky 7')

III. The characters from the Dragon and Lucky 7 servers on the main client will be receiving a full-day of Double-Exp time during the testing period (PDT 18:00, June 23rd - 18:00, July 5th).

IV. You are very welcome to raise your suggestions or report bugs from the new expansion content on CO's official forum.

1. What is a Test Realm?
A Public Test Realm (PTR) is a realm used to test the patches before they're released to live servers.

2. How many Test Realms are there?
There is 1 PTR.

3. What I will test on the PTR?
The Test Realm is running a version of the game that contains all of the content going in the next patch and expansion. You are able to test out the following content:
a. Elite PK Tournament
b. Clan Qualifier
c. Guild Contest and Guild PK Tournament.
d. Pure Skill
e. Reincarnation
f. Other functions TBA in the upcoming expansion.

4. Is there any special setting on the Test Realm?
Player can directly RB their characters when the level requirement is met. No Celestial Stone and Exemption Token is needed to be Reborn.

5. Who can play on the Test Realm?
Level 70+ players from the winning server in the selection will be eligible to enter the Test Realm.

6. How can servers gain the admission into the PTR?
Players can collect the PTR Invitations from the monsters in-game, and submit them to the NPC at the end of the selection event. The 2 servers with the most PTR Invitations submitted will gain the right to access the PTR.

7. How can players with admission login to the PTR?
We will provide a test client for the testers to download. Testers can use their CO account and password to login to the PTR.

Note: You can continue your game on the normal game server with your accounts while you are using it to test the new content on the PTR. Meanwhile, you will receive double experience when you are playing on your original server.

8. Is my character on the Test Realms permanent?
No. Characters and all associated items can be deleted during testing, and all characters will be wiped on completion of the testing phase.

9. Is the version of the game on the Test Realms the same as the one that is currently running on the public realms?
No. The Test Realm is running a version of the game that contains all of the content going in the next patch.

10. Time
Selection Event: 6.10-6.17
Testing time: 6.23-7.5
Update Time: Estimated 7.20

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