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Valentine's Day Quest 2009

The Fox

Time: Feb 12th - Feb 14th
Requirement: Level 20 or above
      Fox Spirit (Twin City, 425 364)
      Wandering Taoist (Twin City, 434 450)
      Watson (Twin City, 511 342)
      Winni (Twin City, 389 363)
Rewards: You will obtain a Fox Mask, experience worth 1/2 of an Exp Ball, a Red Rose and 12 hours` Blessing time when you finish the task of the day.
If you have a Fox Mask in your inventory, you cannot have another one.

Feb. 12th
1. Find Fox Spirit to know what to do today. He tells you to meet Wandering Taoist, who asks you to collect 1 Walnut to make the Walnut Sword. You have a chance to obtain it by killing the Robins outside the city.

2. Give the Walnut to Watson. And he will give you a letter. Bring it to Winni.
3. The Little Red Foxes around Twin City (540,300) will probably drop the fur Winni asks for. Then she tells you to give it to Watson.
4. When you return, Winni will give you the rewards.

Feb. 13th
1. Proceed to Fox Spirit to find out what to do today.
2. Winni needs something named Reborn Water, which is made up by: (right click the Reborn Water Recipe to see the materials)
A. Dryad Fruit. Pheasants, Turtle doves, Robins and Little Red Foxes will drop Animal Hearts when they are killed. Dryad (Twin City 554,338) requires 10 hearts for a Dryad Fruit.
B. Pneuma Powder. Continuously give the right answer for 3 questions from the Herb Dealer (Twin City 468,341) and you will get the item.
C. Pure Water. Right click on JadeBottle in the inventory and stand for 10 seconds at the shinning spot (Twin City 419,505) to obtain it.
3. Give the 3 items to Winni, and you will obtain your rewards.

Feb. 14th
1. Find Fox Spirit to know what to do today.
2. Talk to Winni and then meet Wandering Taoist. Give the prescription to Winni and obtain the Fox Heart. Bring it to Watson. After he takes it, he feels better.
3. Wandering Taoist gives you a Soul Flasket. Kill any regular monsters on the Wind Plain till you get 100 souls. (There will be a visual effect.)
4. Give the Soul Flasket to Winni to save her and get the rewards.

Fox Eden

Time: 20:00-22:00; Feb.12-Feb.14
Requirements: A Fox Mask; Level 20 or above
NPC: Fox Spirit (Twin City, 425 364)
Note: If you disconnect or log out when doing the quest, you have to start over.

1. Fox Spirit can teleport you to Fox Eden. Your appearance will be a little fox. Fox Fairy has more details about the quest.

2. Wishing Garden
Stand on the shinning spot for 10 seconds to make a wish. When you make 5 wishes, you can talk to Scarlett to enter the next garden.

3. Fairy Garden
Get a pack from Cheryl and give it to the corresponding fairy:
Rouge Pack - May
Rattle Pack - Karen
Rose Pack - Rosalind
Bracelet Pack - Joyce
Scarf Pack - Mandy
When you finish, talk to Cheryl to enter the next garden.

3. Wisdom Garden
There are 3 circles in this garden. Step on the correct circle and you will get a hint for the code. When you know which word is made up by those codes, you can tell Mirabelle.
If you step on the wrong circle, you may be teleported to somewhere or encounter some monsters. Defeat them by left click and continue

4. Lover Garden
Kill the monsters by left click and pick up the Red Ropes they drop. Collect 5 Red Ropes for Evan and Nina each so you can enter the next garden.

5. Saint Garden
Continuously give the correct answer for 10 questions from Maud. Then she will send you to Shelley.
Shelley will recite a poem, and you will then be asked questions regarding it in a short quiz. After you successfully pass all the questions, you will be teleported to Andrea.
Andrea has 3 psychological tests for you and you will learn something about yourself.

6. Rewards
Finally, you can go to the Fox Elder for your rewards: a Fox Gift Box and a Red Rose.
Right click to open the Fox Gift Box, and you have a chance to get a Honey Lily Pack (3 Lilies), a Eternal Lily Pack (9 Lilies), a Sincere Lily Pack (11 Lilies), a Meteor Box, a Free Praying Stone (M), an Exp Ball (E), some tokens (a Soul Token, an Earth Token and a Sky Token), a House Permit, a Clean Water, a Moon Box or a Free Wedding Gown.
You can swap 9 Red Roses for a Love Forever ring at Silver Fox (Twin City, 449 349).

Timing Bonus

Time: At the top of each hour, such as 1:00, 2:00; Feb. 12th-Feb. 14th
You may have a chance to obtain experience worth 1/6 of an EXP Ball, a Lily and 2 hours Blessing Time when you are standing near Fox Spirit.