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Quest for 2008 Conquer Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

2008, February 11th to 17th
10:00 -11:00 am, 4:00 - 5:00 pm, 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Valentine's Day War! This year, three princes slug it out for the heart of a princess! PLayers will take players into other lands, far removed from Conquer windy plains, where you can riddle with guards, steal invitations from garden keepers, bundle your own flowers, play the wooden flute, and even find "LoveForever".

Some of the quest features are listed here:

Players Must Get Married for the Main Quest
Choose your side and fight for that Prince!
Singles can take other quests!

Princess Qiao: Twin City Palace Bridge: Pah! Love is for idealists. This is the real world! And the beautiful, albeit incredibly spoilt, Princess Qiao wants nothing more than an engagement ring! And there'll be no talk of marriage until she's given one! You'll need to team up with your spouse to help the princes and princess, as they won't trust singles to deal with their love!

Prince Lu: Twin City, near Blacksmith: Prince Lu is strong and noble, and will fight a thousand men to prove his worthiness for the princess. Unfortunately, he'll also fight guards, innkeepers, friends... Anyone just for the fun of it! Prince Hu: Twin City, near Arena: Prince Hu is undoubtedly the most handsome prince the world has ever known. His smile can even melt a heart! Auto-graphed water color paintings of him sell like hotcakes wherever he goes! Prince Wu: Twin City, near Arena: Prince Wu is a sensitive guy, but also exceptionally rich! When he's not counting his millions of silver pieces, he composes poetry, plays musical instruments and even goes horse riding!

Flower Fairy (right): Twin City Square:This Fairy knows all about collecting flowers. She helps players to travel to Dreamland in order to create wondrous Love Bouquets! She gives this quest to singles and couples alike!

Emissary (left): Twin City Square: This lady is the emissary of love. She can give the magical ring, known as "LoveForever" to any player who can bring her enough flowers!

With all these NPCs offering quests, you'll have no problem getting right into the thick of the action this Valentine's Day!

We're not going to get into any of the juicy details here, but we will give you a general idea of how to go about solving the the quests offered.

Singles' Quest: Love Bouquet: Perhaps coupling up ain't your thing? Don't worry, not everyone has to get married to enjoy this Valentine's Day. Singles and couples alike can take the Love Bouquet Quest with the Flower Fairy!

1. Talk to Flower Fairy: At the appropriate time, talk to the flower fairy!
2. Get Woodland Flute: Get a woodland Flute from the fairy. This can wake up the sleepy trees!
3. Go to Dreamland: Teleport there by talking to the fairy.
4. Wake the Trees: By playing the woodland flute for the trees, monstrous flowers will sprout up around the tree!
5. Kill the Monstrous Flowers: You can get special flowers by killing these monsters.
6. Collect all Flowers: Collect a Sunshine Flower, a Rage Flower, a Teardrop Flower and a Peace Flower.
7. Run to the Love Pond: The pond at the center of the map can be used to combine the flowers into a special Love Bouquet!
8. Get Love Pouch: Hand the love bouquet to flower fairy and you'll get a love pouch!
9. Moon Platform / Matchmaker: Talk to Luna just outside the walls of Twin City tot he Northwest. Travel to the moon platform and find the matchmaker. He will bless you!
10. Team Up and Take Couple's Quest!: With the Matchmaker's blessing, find someone with the same type of card you got from the matchmaker and team up! Now you can take the main quest (normally only available to married couples). Now you can help out the princes as if you were married!

Couples' Quest: Three Princes, One Princess: The fun part of this quest is talking to the princes and choosing who you will help! Each prince has his own eccentric personality. Whil this quest is normally only available to married couples, those who have successfully completed the singles' quest can also enjoy this, if they team up with a friend (who also completed the single's quest).

1. Talk to Princess Qiao: Offer to help find the perfect man and get her engagement ring.
2. Choose a Suitor: Choose the Prince who is worthy of her hand in marriage.
3. Team Up with Spouse/Bless: Make a team with your spouse. Make sure you're the leader.
4. Travel to Dreamland: The Prince will give you an item and send you with his escort.
5. Find an Invitation: How are you going to get into that flower show? Who knows! Find that invitation quickly, before the show is over!
6. Go to Garden Show: Right-click the invitation to travel there. Solve riddles posed by the guards.
7. Talk to the Dreamy Queen: She can be convinced to swap her Floral Ring for the Prince's special item!
8. Travel Back: Go back to Twin City and take the ring to the Prince you are working for.
9. Deliver Roses: To complete the quest, deliver roses to the princess and tell her of the wonderful news!

If players have any other questions about our 2008 Valentine's Day quests, please feel free to drop into the Conquer Online Forums and look for more details.