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The Ghost City

[Unique] Spun Gold Armor | [Unique] Azure Pill | [Unique] Artisan's Feather
[Unique] Mystic Ring | [Elite] Frantic Monkeys | [Elite] Soul of General
[Elite] The Mad Man | [Elite] The Ghost City
[Elite]Tomboy`s Marriage | [Elite]Desert Blood | [Super]Hero`s Wings
[Super]Family Feud | [Super]Desert Treasure | [Super]Desert Expedition
[Super]Power Book | [Elite] Star Tower | [Super] Heaven Fan

Prerequisites: Above level 75
NPCs: Aunt Zhang (Twin City, 454 540)
  Jerk Wang (Twin City, 468 309)
  Taoist Shine (Twin City, 440 334)
Reward: Level 87 Elite Armor; Experience; Silver;1 Exp Ball (E);
Note: You will start over the Equipment Bonus quests after you have been reborn.(Reborn after patch 5096)
Walkthrough ( Video )
1. Accept the quest from Task Master Chang in Job Center.
2. Talk to Aunt Zhang and discover that her son Mo Mo is lost. She tells you that Jerk Wang is the last one who saw Mo Mo.
3. Jerk Wang gives you one Magic Firework and asks you to set them off in these three spots: (269,215), (298,205) and (357,304) in that order. But you find nothing by doing this.
4. Return to Jerk Wang, you are told to find Taoist Shine. He said you should take the Charm to one of the 3 spots, right click to use it and enter the Ghost City .
5. You see Mo Mo in Ghost City (145, 134). But he is not willing to go home. Suddenly, you find a pillar at (162, 217). Click it to get some powder. Bring it to Taoist Shine. He recognizes it and tells you to take the powder with you, use the Charm at one of the 3 spots again and enter the Dark City .
6. In Dark City, you need to kill 100 Kid Catchers and Kid Ripper. Then the Kid Hunter appears. Kill it and the Kid Seizer will appear. Then you kill that too! And you will obtain a Bezoar. Once Mo Mo eats it, you will be sent to Twin City at once.
A. Before you give the Bezoar to Mo Mo, you can use it on the other children. Each child can only be fed once and you will obtain experience worth 1/6 of an Exp Ball for each child saved.
B. Once Mo Mo eats the Bezoar, he will disappear. He will show up again after ten minutes.
7. Go back to Aunt Zhang. She will be thankful and tell you to claim a reward from Task Master Chang in Job Center.