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Quest - Sky Pass

Legendary: (levels 120+)
Treasure Labyrinth | Sky Pass | Demon Exterminators | First Rebirth
Second Rebirth

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Sky Pass

The path to the sky is beset with dangers and peril, but falling down to the earth is the least of your worries! Monsters inhabit each level, which you must defeat in order to enter the next level!

Treasure Labyrinth
NPCs:Daniel (Dreamland 155,166), God Cloud (Dreamland 82,187)
Rewards: Once a day






Meteor*1/50,000 silver/Exp Ball(B)*1/Heaven Blessing*24 hours/Weapon Skill Book*1/ Gem*1



Meteor*2/100,000 silver/Exp Ball(B)*2/Heaven Blessing*48 hours/+1 Stone*1/ Gem*1



Meteor*3/200,000 silver/Exp Ball(B)*2/+1 Stone*1/Small Praying Stone*1/Super Gem*1/Super Refinery Pack*1



Meteor*4/300,000 silver/Exp Ball(B)*3/+1 Horse*1/Small Praying Stone*1/Super Gem*1/Temporay Weapon accessory*1



Meteor*5/1,000,000 silver/Exp Ball(B)*3/Super Gem*1/Temporay Weapon accessory*1/500 Study Points/Phase 2-4 Artifact*1

Note: Since it is a Labyrinth, you will not be able to resort to the mini-map inside. Your position is not recorded in the Sky Pass. If you are disconnected or revived, you will be sent to Ape Mountain. This quest is made of levels with various difficulty, so you'd better be level 110+.


i. Talk to NPC Daniel.
ii. When you arrive in sky pass you will see 5 monster-like NPCs. Talk to one, and you'll be teleported to the next floor, where you must fight a beast.
iii. Collect the token and be sent back to the start again.
iv. The first four floors work in this way.
v. In the last floor, you are unavoidably sent to the battle stage. After you obtain a token, the guard will send you directly to claim the prize or back to the fifth floor again.
vi. Finally, find God Cloud at the top of the pass.

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