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Running-Bull Festival 2009

Time: July 4 0:00 –July 11 23:59
Prizes: Experience, Free Blessing time, Taurus Pack (secret gift in it)


Calm down the Tramplers

Background: Sometimes the Iliad Bulls in Twin City will be irritated by some over-enthusiastic revelers and break out of their pens, hurting many people along the way. In order to protect the civilians, you are on the way to calm those tramplers down, so they can be recaptured later.

Requirement: level 40 or above
NPC: Eric (Twin City 443,348)
Isabella (Twin City 450, 388)

1. Find Eric in Twin City and buy the Green Clover from him. This magnificent plant will be able to calm down excited animals
2. Search for the irritated bull in the city and use the Green Clover to calm it down.
3. Claim your reward from Eric. You will get an honorable Fury Medal, with which you can exchange for a Taurus Pack from Isabella (Twin City 450, 388) or enter the Waste Meadow to hunt Bull Monsters.

1. Not all of the Iliad Bulls will be angry. Good luck finding the angry bull among all the others!
2. It is said that Iliad Bulls will go mad every hour. You will see the bull is red when it is mad and angry.
3. Once you calm a bull down, you can get a Fury Medal from Eric. That means it is possible to get 24 Fury Medals everyday. You’ll have to be quick!

Win the Medals

Background: Some of the bulls have run out of the city and been hexed by some kind of evil spell. Isabella is calling in the bravest warriors to destroy the terrible monsters that have been created.

Requirement: level 40 or above
NPC: Isabella (Twin City 450, 388)

1. Find Isabella and accept the quest. You cannot accept a higher level quest until you have finished the previous one, and claimed the medal for that level.
2. Kill the required monsters in the appointed area.
3. Head back to Isabella and claim your medal.
4. You can choose to exchange your medal for a prize or for permission to do the next level quest and earn an even better prize!

1. You shall kill 20 Crashers for the level 40-50 quest, 10 Frenzied Nark for the level 50-90 quest, and 5 Blood Minotaurs for the level 90+ quest. The only stipulation of the quest, is that Archers must kill double the normal amount, due to their killing efficiency.
2. You can only finish each of the quests three times during one day.
3. The rewards must be claimed during that day.

Hunt Bull Monsters

Background:It is said that the goddess Fury created the Fury Medal to bestow upon her chosen hero. So, in order to prove your bravery, you must enter the Waste Meadow to fight against the powerful and ferocious Bull Monsters. Only the ones that manage to survive can get the prizes!

Requirement: level 40 or above
NPC: Puyol (Twin City 450,368)
Harvey (In the Waste Meadow)

1. Take the Fury Medal along with you and find Puyol. He will let you in the Waste Meadow during the open period every day. You need to hurry or you will lose your chance to enter.
2. Search the Waste Meadow. About 10 minutes later, you will see the bloodcurdling Bull Monsters appear. Don’t be afraid. Unite with other brave adventurers and kill the monsters together!
3. When all five of the monsters are killed, you need to return to Harvey and claim your reward. All the participants in Waste Meadow can earn a reward.

1. You must kill all the monsters and claim the prizes within 45 minutes, or you will be sent out and get nothing.
2. The Fury Medal cannot be traded, and will disappear if dropped.
3. The open period every day is 4:00-4:10, 10:00-10:10, 15:00-15:10 and 21:00-21:10.

  • Limit-Time Credit Rebate
  • January Month Card
  • Bunnies Bounce, Spring Comes!
  • New Year Rabbit Training
  • Treasure Hunt
  • VassalsRise Prestige Rank
  • January Grand Sale
  • First Credit Reset
  • Vassals Rise, Strife Follows
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • New Server Mythforging
  • Wall of World Prestige
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