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Labyrinth Permit

Labyrinth Permit

Requirement: Level 110

NPC: Captor (Twin City 477,331)

Quest Item:

Prince Plate
Prince Plate
Give it to the Captor (Twin City 477,331).
Princess Plate
Princess Plate
Give it to the Captor (Twin City 477,331).


Labyrinth Permit
Labyrinth Permit
Talk to Simon ((Twin City 209,374) to enter the Labyrinth, and give it to the teleporting generals of east, west and south respectively on F1 to F3 to enter the next floor.


  1. Talk to the Captor (477,331) in Twin City, and learn about the kidnapping case.

  2. Go to Desert and rescue Princess Diu by killing the Sand Monsters and Prince Wan by killing the Blade Ghosts.
  3. The Princess and the Prince will reward you with a special plate for rescuing them respectively. Report back to the Captor in Twin City, and exchange the 2 plates for a Labyrinth Permit.


  • You need to rescue the Princess and the Prince as soon as possible after they appear.
  • Each player can finish this quest once a day.
  • Prince Plate and Princess Plate cannot be traded or deposited in the Warehouse.
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