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Prerequisites: None
NPCs: Orchid Goddess (Twin City, 422 396)
Time: 0:00-22:59 Once a day
If you have failed to sow an Orchid today, you have to start over tomorrow.


1. Talk to the Orchid Goddess to obtain an Orchid Seed. Then, you can be sent to the Orchid Garden. You can choose one of five Orchid Fairies and give the seed to her. Orchid Fairies will care for and watch over your orchid.
Note: If you lose your seed before planting it, it can be re-claimed. If you have already planted it, or have one in your inventory, you can't take another. Seeds will expire before 23:00 on that day.

2. The seed need to be watered. So you can go back to the Orchid Goddess. She will ask you some questions to determine which kind of Dew you should collect. There are 4 kinds of Dew:
Serene Dew (around Twin City, 364 441) --- Pure Bay Chick
Gentle Dew (around Twin City, 576 591) --- White Beach Chick
Dawn Dew (around Twin City, 694 700) --- Peace Bay Chick
Pure Dew (around Twin City, 500 160) --- Bright Beach Chick
Kill the chickens and you will have a chance to get the corresponding kind of Dew in your inventory. They always carry a good supply of special dew, you see.
Also, if you see some Dew Crystals on the ground, quickly grab them. Dew Crystals will disappear when collected and spawn somewhere else after one minute.

3. After your seed is planted, you have one hour to water it. It may blossom at some rate, depending on how much Dew used. You can collect more Dew to raise the rate.

4. Approximately one hour after planted, you can check if your Orchid Seed has blossomed or not. If you succeed, you can now present the beautiful Orchid to your lover!

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