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Quest - Dis City

In the decisive battle between human and demons hundreds of years ago, Ultimate Pluto, the leader of the demons, was beaten by the forces of humanity. However, he escaped and swore an oath to eternally seek vengeance upon those who had disrupted his plans. Now, the Solar Saint is aware that Ultimate Pluto has come back. The demon currently resides in Dis City, a black mark upon the earth.

Requirement: Level 110

NPC: Solar Saint (Twin City 275,483), (HellGate 253,57), (HellHall 215,344), (HellCloister341,383), (BattleFormation147,27), (HellTreasury 46,48); Treasury (DisCity 49,45)

Quest Item:

Mirror of Hell
Mirror of Hell
The mysterious mirror tells the requirements of each stage in the Dis City, and can teleport you to see Solar Saint.
Soul Stone
Soul Stone
Collect 5 Soul Stones from the monsters at Hell Gate, and submit them to Solar Saint (Twin City 275,483) to enter the next level.
Pluto Token
Pluto Token
This token belonged to the Ultimate Pluto, which symbolizes endless evil. Use it in the Battle Formation to summon brutal Pluto.
Pluto`s Key
Pluto`s Key
Use it to unlock Pluto`s epic treasury, and receive random rewards each time, and the ultimate prize at the 5th unlocking.
Dark Horn
Dark Horn
Precious material for refining pills. Give it to the Solar Saint to get 300 minutes of EXP.
Star Sword
Star Sword
Pluto`s treasure. Give it to the Solar Saint to claim a Phoenix Dress, Elegant Dress, or Celestial Dress.


Yin Jade
Yin Jade
If your Chi is less than 8,000 points, you’ll get 300 Chi Points when using it alone, or 1,200 Chi Points when using it together with Yang Jade collected in the Labyrinth.
Super Refinery Pack
Super Refinery Pack
Right click to open this purple pack that you received in the Dis City, and get a random 7-day Super Refinery material.
Sacred Refinery Pack
Sacred Refinery Pack
Right click to open this blue pack that you received in the Dis City, and get a random 7-day Sacred Refinery material.


1. Talk to the Solar Saint in Ape City, and choose a difficult level to join the battle in the Dis City.

Sacred Refinery Pack

2. You need to find specific ways to break through the Hell Gate, Hell Hall, Hell Cloister, and the Battle Formation.

3. Collect 5 Soul Stones by killing the monsters outside the city, so you can pass through the Hell Gate and enter the Hell Hall.

4. Collect 400 Slayer Points (Archer needs 600 points, and Taoist needs 300 points) by killing the demons in the Hell Hall, and you can move forward to the Hell Cloister.

5. Disable all the Hell Wraith guarding the 9 Hell Crystals in proper order, so you can advance towards the Battle Formation.

6. Collect 4 Pluto Token Scraps from the Syren in the Battle Formation, and combine them into a Pluto Token which is used to summon the Ultimate Pluto. Defeat the final boss to claim the ultimate victory.

7. After you kill the Ultimate Pluto, the Solar Saint will show you the way to the Hell Treasury that you can unlock it with Pluto’s Key for an amazing harvest.

8. You can exchange the Dark Horn and Star Sword that you received during the battle for wonderful rewards with the Solar Saint.

9. The Top 10 heroes who spent the least time concluding the battle in the Dis City can claim a rank prize from the Solar Saint on the next day.


  1. Each player can finish this quest once a week.
  2. You can unlock the Hell Treasury every time you receive a Pluto’s Key, or wait until you have 5 keys.
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