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Weekend Carnival Mask 2009

Requirement: Level 40 or above
Server Time: Nov 21st 0:00 - Nov 22nd 23:59
Rewards: 3 Advanced Joy Coins
Put on the Mask to transform!

Derek (Twin City, 474 385)
Trunk (Twin City, 418 434)
Trunk (Twin City, 596 522)
Trunk (Twin City, 627 307)

1. Take the quest from Derek (Twin City, 474 385).
2. Talk to Derek and he will tell you how to make a mask.
a) Buy a Sharp Axe from the Blacksmith.
b) Find the Trunks outside Twin City. Stand close to the Trunk and click it to get a piece of wood to give to Derek to check for flaws. If the wood is good enough, you'll receive a Carving Knife from him. If the piece of wood is not fit for making a mask, you'll need to get another piece of wood.
c) Right click the Carving Knife to carve the mask.
d) Finally, talk to Derek and claim the Dye. Right click the Dye to dye the mask. You'll create either a Crude Mask, Fine Mask, or Flawless Mask.
3. Right click the mask you made, and depending on the quality of your mask, you will be transformed into one of the 3 monsters for 60 seconds!
Crude Mask: Transform into a Bandit, Winged Snake, or Apparition.
Fine Mask: Transform into a Snakeman, Roaring Ape, or Blade Ghost.
Flawless Mask: Transform into a Rabbit, Cow, or Pink Pig.
4. You can claim a prize from the boxes behind Miss Liu (Twin City 360,328) with 25 Carnival coins.

1. There will always be 3 Trunks outside of Twin City. Once you click the Trunk, it will disappear and move to another location outside Twin City. Look carefully!
2. If you lose the Carving Knife and the piece of wood, you can reclaim them from Derek.
3. Be careful when you dye the mask! The quality of the mask all depends on dyeing!
4. Monsters also can drop Joy Coins when killed during this weekend. 1 Joy Coin can be exchanged for 1 Carnival Point. 1 Advanced Joy Coin can be exchanged for 10 Carnival Points.