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Weekend Carnival Joy Coin 2009

Server Time: Nov 14th 0:00 to Nov 15th 23:59
Prizes: Depending on your performance, you can receive up to 3 Advanced Joy Coins.
NPC: Carlos (Twin City 386,325)

Requirement: Level 40 or above

1. Find Carlos (Twin City 386,325) if you want to start the magical lottery.
2. Spend 3 Joy Coins to begin the 3 round lottery.
3. Luck is a fickle thing, but you should count on it for your prize!
4. You can claim a prize from the boxes behind Miss Liu (Twin City 360,328) with 25 Carnival points.

1. Monsters can drop Joy Coins when killed during this weekend. 1 Joy Coin can be exchanged for 1 Carnival Point. 1 Advanced Joy Coin can be exchanged to 10 Carnival Points.
2. Carlos won't refund your Joy Coins if you decide to quit the lottery after joining.