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Hero's Wings

[Unique] Spun Gold Armor | [Unique] Azure Pill | [Unique] Artisan's Feather
[Unique] Mystic Ring | [Elite] Frantic Monkeys | [Elite] Soul of General
[Elite] The Mad Man | [Elite] The Ghost City
[Elite]Tomboy`s Marriage | [Elite]Desert Blood | [Super]Hero`s Wings
[Super]Family Feud | [Super]Desert Treasure | [Super]Desert Expedition
[Super]Power Book | [Elite] Star Tower | [Super] Heaven Fan

Prerequisites: Above level 90
NPCs: Poor Xiao (Bird Island, 725 541)
Doctor Know-it-All (Bird Island, 701 595)
Reward: A Super level 92 or 97 Headgear/Earring; Experience; Silver; 1 Exp Ball (E)
Note: You will start the Equipment Bonus quests over, after you have been reborn.


Walkthrough ( Video )
1. Accept the quest from Task Master Chang in Job Center.
2. Poor Xiao asks you to find Doctor Know-it-All for help. Bring the Doctor’s message to Xiao. Collect a meteor and give it to the Doctor.
3. You need 3 different materials to make a Peel Pill:
Blood Kermes: Collect 10 samples of Bird Blood from the Birdmen and Birdmen L88
Ginseng Grease: Kill the Hawk Kings around Bird Island (451,676) and you have a chance to obtain a Gallbladder in your inventory. Use it in the place the Doctor marked on this Ginseng Map: (right click it to see) Bird Island (450,720), (296,290), (255,228), (243,193), (229,142). Step on the shining spot, and you will find if there is a Bitter Ginseng there or not.
5 Hawk Claws: You will get 1 Hawk Claw in your inventory after killing two Hawks L93 on Bird Island (451,676) within 1 minute.


4. Give the Peel Pill to Poor Xiao. After he takes it, he won’t feel well.
5. When you help Xiao find the reason, you will be able to claim a reward from Task Master Chang in the Job Center.