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Guild Contest


Glory is what we live for! If given a chance, would you devote yourself to the pursuit of the ultimate glory? If the answer is yes, then the Guild Contest Emissary at Twin City (409, 288) is the man you should talk to!

Time Every Monday 20:30-22:30
Winners The top 8 guilds with the most guild points
Rewards 1. 15-60 million silver
2. Advance to the Guild PK Tournament
NPC 1. Guild Contest Emissary (Twin City 409,288)
2. Guild Contest Awarders (Twin City 416,292)
3. Guild Contest Envoy (Contest Map 124,127)



  1. All guild members can participate in the contest.
  2. 4 groups for the contestants: Level 1-99, Level 100-119, Level 120-129, Level 130 or above
  3. Kill the monsters to earn the guild points for the guilds.

Admission Time

Every Monday 20:25-20:30


Accept the system invitation or talk to the Guild Contest Emissary (Twin City 409,288).

Guild Contest Map

District Character Level Monsters
South 1-99 Bandits
East 100-119 Red Devil
North 120-129 Serpent
West 130 or above Devil

Level 97
Red Devil
Level 117
Icy Serpent
Level 120
Blade Devil
Level 130

The Guild Contest is specially designed for Guild PK Tournament. You need to learn more about the Guild Contest Map to gain advantage in the Guild Contest. The Guild Contest map is divided into 4 different areas designed for players of different level range. The south area is suitable for level 1-99 players. The east area is suitable for level 100 – 119 players. The north area is suitable for level 120 – 129 players. The west area is suitable for level 130-137 players.


You will receive 1 Guild Point and 1 Guild Contest for eliminating a monster in the Guild Contest map. No guild points for killing a monster that is not your group. After the contest is over, the top 8 guilds with the most guild points will be the winners and are eligible for the Guild PK Tournament. If both guilds have the same guild points, the guild who is the first to reach the point will be ranked higher.

Check the Score

You can find a scoreboard beside the mini map, which shows the score of the top 8 guilds. It provides you with the real-time contest information. Try your best to put your guild on the scoreboard!

Quit the Contest

If you want to quit the Guild Contest, the Guild Contest Envoy can be found in the center of the Guild Contest Map. She will help you leave, if you choose.


Only the Guild Leader or Deputy Leader of the winning guilds can claim the reward from the 8 Guild Contest Awarders, who are just standing beside the Guild Contest Emissary (Twin City 409,288).

Rank Reward (Silver)
1 60 million
2 50 million
3 40 million
4 35 million
5 30 million
6 25 million
7 20 million
8 15 million

Claim the Prize

in Twin City. Speak to the Awarder for your position to claim your reward. Only the Guild Leader or Deputy Leader can claim the reward.


Besides millions of silver, the final 8 players will be candidates to compete for the supreme honor in the world of Conquer. They will advance to the Guild PK Tournament for glory and surprising rewards!

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