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Great Tomato Day 2009

Time: August 1 – August 3
Lower Sealed Sanctum: Goblin Gem, Ginseng Pill, Meteor, Exp potion, Praying Stone, Refined Gem, Clean Water.
Higher Sealed Sanctum: Demon Gem, Elixir Wine, Exp Ball, Meteor Box, Praying Stone, Lottery Ticket, Super Gem.

Nore (Twin City 430,368)
Old Man Li (Twin City 357,99)
Requirement: level 40 or above

Some demons were sealed in the Sealed Sanctums, but now the power of the sealed realm has weakened and those demons are trying to escape! You should throw enough tomatoes into the sanctums to reveal and eliminate them.

1. Find Nore (Twin City 430,368) to learn about the event.
2. Hunt monsters to pick up Tomato Seeds.
3. Find Old Man Li (Twin City 357, 99) and exchange your Tomato Seeds for one minute Tomato picking time.
4. Report back to Nore (Twin City 430,368) and choose one sanctum to enter.
5. Throw (right click) your tomatoes near the Sealed Stone to summon the demon and kill it.

1. All monsters are possible to drop tomato seeds.
2. You`d better ask Old Man Li to Pack your tomatoes, 10 in one pack, that way it will be easy to carry a large number of them. Those tomatoes are tradable.
3. You should have some tomatoes with you when you want to enter any sanctum.
4. Different sanctums need different number of tomatoes to activate. The lower one needs 100 tomatoes, while the higher one needs 400. Of course, the higher sanctum`s demon are more powerful!
5. PK is not allowed in the sanctums
6. There are 100 sealed demon in the Lower Sealed Sanctum and 20 in the Higher Sealed Sanctum every day.
7. If you eliminate all monsters in the Sanctum before 21:00 the same day, you will be able to see one hour'fireworks show and you can report back to Nore within 24 hours and claim an extra reward of 1 hour double EXP time!

  • Limit-Time Credit Rebate
  • January Month Card
  • Bunnies Bounce, Spring Comes!
  • New Year Rabbit Training
  • Treasure Hunt
  • VassalsRise Prestige Rank
  • January Grand Sale
  • First Credit Reset
  • Vassals Rise, Strife Follows
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • New Server Mythforging
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma