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Spun Gold Armor

[Unique] Spun Gold Armor | [Unique] Azure Pill | [Unique] Artisan's Feather
[Unique] Mystic Ring | [Elite] Frantic Monkeys | [Elite] Soul of General
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[Super]Family Feud | [Super]Desert Treasure | [Super]Desert Expedition
[Super]Power Book | [Elite] Star Tower | [Super] Heaven Fan

Prerequisites: Above level 30
NPCs: Veteran Hong (Phoenix Castle, 194 260)
  Zhao Jian (Phoenix Castle, 200 325)
Reward: Level 32 Unique Armor/Coat/Robe; Experience; Silver;
Note: You will start over the Equipment Bonus quests after you have been reborn.(Reborn after patch 5096)

Walkthrough ( Video )
1. Accept the quest from Task Master Chang in Job Center.

2. Veteran Hong has lost his Spun Gold Armor and needs your help. Find Bandits outside Phoenix Castle and you will have a chance to obtain an Invitation. Bring it to Veteran Hong and he will ask you to disguise as an astounding beauty at Zhao Jian, the Disguiser. Do not forget to ask for an Offering before you leave.

Invitation Offering

3. After being disguised as a beauty, you need go to the Altar (Phoenix Castle, 100 430) and use the Offering there. Then Cloud the Lustful will appear. Kill him and obtain a Wooden Box. Right click it to open and find there is the Spun Gold Armor in it!

4. Bring it to Veteran Hong and claim a reward from Task Master Chang in Job Center.