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Flowers Ranking

How many kinds of flowers are there in the game?
Currently, there are 4 kinds: Rose, Lily, Orchid and Tulip.

How do I give flowers?
The system will give every male player over Level 50 a single rose, everyday.

Just click on the flower icon, and the pointer will turn into a red rose. Click on a female player to send her the rose.

What privileges can female players get?
The female player who receives the most flowers on the server will become a Flower Queen! She will be able to enjoy the following privileges:
1. There will be a red rose icon beside her avatar.

2. Red rose emoticons will automatically be used in her chat messages.

3. Female players can click the “Receive Flower” icon to see a special visual effect.

4. If you are listed in the flower rankings, you have chance to transform yourself into a Flower Fairy! The higher you rank on the list, the more likely you will be able to transform into this special form. You can click “Cancel Transform” to return to your original appearance.

Rose Fairy

Lily Fairy

Orchid Fairy

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