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Easter Day 2009

Duration: Mar.26, 0:00 - Api.6, 23:59

Lucky Box

NPC: Nancy (Twin City, 363 336)
Talk to Nancy to take part in the event. Open 3 Lucky Boxes and get one egg from each one. The reward you get will be according to the color combination of the three Easter Eggs you receive. You can claim the reward by speaking with Nancy again.
1. You should wait 30 minutes to join in this event again, if you’ve completed it before.
2. If you have not opened 3 boxes in 30 minutes, you can talk to Nancy to continue, and you do not have to wait 30 minutes to join it again.



Right Click the Pack and you will get

3 matching Easter Eggs

An Easter Gold Pack

Experience worth 1/6 of an EXP Ball;
2-hour Heaven Blessing;
One of these items: an Easter Disguise Egg/24-hour Heaven Blessing/ a Meteor Box/ an EXP Ball(Free)/ 9 Lilies / an Easter Flame Pack*/ an Exp Potion

3 Easter Eggs with different colors

An Easter Bronze Pack

Experience worth 1/6 of an EXP Ball; 2-hour Heaven Blessing

2 matching Easter Eggs and 1 different one

An Easter Bronze Pack

Experience worth 1/12 of an EXP Ball

* Easter Flame Pack, gives the chance to receive one of these as a reward when opened: an EXP Ball (Free)/ a Praying Stone (M) (Free)/ a Meteor Box/ a House Permit/ a Lottery Ticket/ a Quest Chance B/ a Penitence Amulet (Free) /a Moon Box/ a Bomb.

Easter Egg Exchange

Time: 0:00-1:00  4:00-5:00  8:00-9:00  12:00-13:00  16:00-17:00  20:00-21:00
NPC: Tracy (Phoenix Castle, 190 271)
Note: You can finish this quest no more than 5 times each round.
Find Tracy and obtain a White Egg from her. Exchange it for an Easter Egg of the color she wants within 10 minutes. The NPCs in Phoenix Castle are willing to exchange eggs of different colors, so you should talk to them and try to find the one you need!
The fastest way to get the egg you want:
You should hand in the egg Tracy wants during the scheduled times. If you don’t, the egg will not be able to be used in the next round, and you’ll have to start over again.
Give the egg to Tracy and she will give you a Colored Stone. 5 Colored Stones can be exchanged for experience worth 1/3 of an EXP Ball and an Easter Flame Pack. (You can get one of these items as a reward from the Easter Flame Pack: an EXP Ball (Free)/ a Praying Stone (M) (Free)/ a Meteor Box/ a House Permit/ a Lottery Ticket/ a Quest Chance B/ a Penitence Amulet (Free) /a Moon Box/ a Bomb.)


Immortal Legend

NPC: Chou (Phoenix Castle, 232 285)
Confucius (Twin City, 456 349)
Bandit Chen (Phoenix Castle, 373 478)
Immortal Bai (Ape City, 569 782)
Iron Zhang (Twin City, 423 330)
Zhao Xuan (Bird Island, 737 517)
Pharmacist Xuan (Ape City, 560 595)
Note: You can do this quest only once.

1. Chou came across something weird, so he asks you to meet with Confucius and hear his story.
2. Confucius will tell you what happened back in the old days. He asks you to find Bandit Chen.
3. Bandit Chen will not tell you what he knows unless you have killed 100 Bandits and proved yourself. After he tells you the truth, you will obtain experience worth 1/3 of an EXP Ball. Now hurry to find the Immortal Bai!
3. Help the Immortal Bai with 3 things:
a. Invite Iron Zhang and Zhao Xuan to come to Wind Canyon.
When you finish, you will obtain experience worth 1/6 of an EXP Ball and 4 hours of Heaven Blessing.
b. You will be teleported to the Wind Canyon after speaking with the Immortal Bai. You’ll need to talk to Iron Zhang and Zhao Xuan, both of whom realize that the Immortal Bai is the real murderer. You must find the Immortal Bai, and he begs you try and fool the two by pretending to kill him.

Talk to Iron Zhang and Zhao Xuan once you “kill” Immortal Bai, otherwise he will come back to life and the ruse won’t work. You’ll just have to kill him again, if you fail.
c. After they reconcile their differences, you are sent back to Love Canyon. Immortal Bai need 4 items to allow him to keep his life: a Life Vanilla, a Soul Pill, a Spirit Water, and a Clear Pill. You can buy them from Pharmacist Xuan. Each will cost you 300 silvers.
4. Give the 4 items to Immortal Bai, and he will give you a Wise Pack as a reward. Right click it and you will obtain experience worth 1/3 of an EXP Ball and an EXP Ball (Free).

Easter Egg Hunt

Time: 0:00-0:15  4:00-4:15  8:00-8:15  12:00-12:15  16:00-16:15  20:00-20:15

For this event, there is one Easter Egg hidden in each map (Wind Plain, Maple Forest, Love Canyon, Bird Island, Desert) during these specific times.
If you can find one, you can click it and get a Lucky Box Pack*! The egg will transform into a GM and disappear after 1 minute.
*Contains experience worth 1/2 of an EXP Ball and an Easter Disguise Egg.
If no one finds it within 15 minutes, it will disappear and you have to wait for the next round.

  • Limit-Time Credit Rebate
  • January Month Card
  • Bunnies Bounce, Spring Comes!
  • New Year Rabbit Training
  • Treasure Hunt
  • VassalsRise Prestige Rank
  • January Grand Sale
  • First Credit Reset
  • Vassals Rise, Strife Follows
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • New Server Mythforging
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma