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Desert Expedition

[Unique] Spun Gold Armor | [Unique] Azure Pill | [Unique] Artisan's Feather
[Unique] Mystic Ring | [Elite] Frantic Monkeys | [Elite] Soul of General
[Elite] The Mad Man | [Elite] The Ghost City
[Elite]Tomboy`s Marriage | [Elite]Desert Blood | [Super]Hero`s Wings
[Super]Family Feud | [Super]Desert Treasure | [Super]Desert Expedition
[Super]Power Book | [Elite] Star Tower | [Super] Heaven Fan

Prerequisites: Above level 105
NPCs: Master Mo Mo (Desert City, 520 589)
Reward: A level 110 Super Ring/A level 115 Super Bracelet; Experience; Silver; 1 Exp Ball (E)
Note: You will start the Equipment Bonus quests over, after you have been reborn.


Walkthrough ( Video )
1. Accept the quest from Task Master Chang in Job Center.
2. Master Mo Mo gives you a Fervent Pill and asks you to seed the Bull Monsters in Mystic Castle.
3. Right click the pill, which lasts 1 minute and causes you to lose 10 percent of your current HP every 10 seconds.
You can probably get a Burnt Bull Horn in your inventory when you kill some of the Bull Monster during the effects of the pill.
Bring Master Mo Mo 10 horns.
3. Take the Ghost Mirror and head to the Mystic Castle. Use it according to the instructions you were given. Set the traps at the shining spots, then herd the Mad Bulls into them and kill them. The Ghost Mirror will then absorb its ghost and turn it into a ghost crystal. Just take 3 Bull Ghosts back to Mo Mo.


4. Kill the Bull Master in the Mystic Castle (186, 359) and give the Bull Heart to Mo Mo. He will tell you to claim a reward from Task Master Chang in the Job Center.