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Desert Blood

[Unique] Spun Gold Armor | [Unique] Azure Pill | [Unique] Artisan's Feather
[Unique] Mystic Ring | [Elite] Frantic Monkeys | [Elite] Soul of General
[Elite] The Mad Man | [Elite] The Ghost City
[Elite]Tomboy`s Marriage | [Elite]Desert Blood | [Super]Hero`s Wings
[Super]Family Feud | [Super]Desert Treasure | [Super]Desert Expedition
[Super]Power Book | [Elite] Star Tower | [Super] Heaven Fan

Prerequisites: Above level 85
NPCs: Harvey (Desert City, 495 579)
Aunt Peach (Bird Island, 765 602)
Obscure Warrior (Crypt, 48 51)
Reward: A level 90 Elite Ring/A level 85 Elite Bracelet; Experience; Silver; 1 Exp Ball (E)
Note: You will start the Equipment Bonus quests over after you have been reborn.

Walkthrough ( Video )
1. Accept the quest from Task Master Chang in Job Center.
2. Harvey asks you to seek out the Blade Ghost L83 (Desert, 122 269). When they are killed, you have a chance to get a Stone Spell in your inventory. Right click it and follow its instruction: Go to the Stone Column in the Desert (386,103), and click the Stone Column.
3. You are teleported to the Crypt. As the Obscure Warrior said, you will need to kill 200 Blade Ghosts and take the Blunt Sword back.

Note: Click the Stone Column in the Crypt and you will obtain experience worth 1/12 of an EXP Ball.
4. The Obscure Warrior needs 5 Blade Ghost Fangs. You may find them in your inventory when you kill the Blade Ghosts L83.
5. After you see Blade Han, you are supposed to find Harvey for more details.
6. Take Harvey’s Letter to the Obscure Warrior.
7. Bring the Peach Bag to Aunt Peach. Right click the letter she gives you, and talk to her again. She will tell you to claim a reward from Task Master Chang in Job Center.