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Cross-server Capture the Flag

Cross-Server Capture the Flag | Guild Leader Armor for CS CTF

Capture the Flag is an exciting contest in the world of CO. But now, a glorious event has begun, known as the Cross-server Capture the Flag Contest! You can talk to the CS CTF Manager (Twin City 317,321) to learn more.

1. What is Cross-server Capture the Flag?

There is no end to the pursuit of the ultimate glory! When you have become the best guild in your own server, have you ever found yourself imagining of competing with guilds from other servers? Now is your chance to do just that! The Cross-server Capture the Flag Contest is your ticket to even more exciting competition with the best guilds around!

Cross-server Capture the Flag

The Cross-server Capture the Flag Contest is open for the highest quality of competition, so only the top 3 guilds in the Capture the Flag Contest will be qualified to compete in the Cross-server Capture the Flag Contest. The guild members should be at least Level 120, and it is held each Tuesday evening, from 20:50 - 22:30.

If you are qualified, you can ask the CS-CTF Manager to send you to the new arena!

2. CS CTF Arena

When the contest begins, you can find 3 unoccupied flag bases and some flags scattered throughout the map. Guild members can attack the flags in these bases to take control of the flag base. Once occupied, there will be a yellow marker showing on the mini map.

There are also some flags scattered around the arena. Seize a flag, then carry and plant it in the flag base your guild occupies within 60 seconds to gain points for your guild. Once you've seized a flag, your guild will gain 1 point. You can jump, ride a horse, or use your speed skills in order to return to the flag base. Remember to avoid the members of the opposing guilds and find protection among your guild members! Once you are killed by members of an opposing guild, you will lose the flag you are carrying! If you are killed in the contest, you can revive in the Arena. Blessed players will be unable to revive where they are killed.

Cross-server Capture the Flag

When you take the flag to your guild's flag base, the flag will automatically be captured. You will earn some exploits for the capture, and your guild will earn some points. You can gain Exploits and Points through either picking up the Flag or escorting it to a flag base, but capturing a flag will net you much more Exploits and Points. When the contest is over, the top 8 guilds will be listed, according to their point totals.

During the contest, you can gain Exploits by slaying enemy guild members, buffing your own guild members, and reviving fallen allies. For the Water Taoist, the exploits will be lower for reviving a member. You will receive more Points by killing a flag carrier. In addition, you will receive 2 Exploits for removing a Soul Shackled ally. If you want to know the current battle situation, you can check the Cross-server Capture the Flag Contest interface.

Cross-server Capture the Flag

When the contest begins, a random base will be granted a Double Points bonus. If you plant flags in that base, your guild will receive double the points and all living members around the flag base will receive double Exploits. The bonus will randomly transfer to another flag base every 15 minutes, until the contest is over.

During the Cross-server Capture the Flag Contest, some potions and medicine will randomly appear in the arena. Make good use of these items, as they will be a big help in your battle! If you are killed, those potions will drop, so you should remember to use them while you can!

3. Rewards

a.Rewards for Guild Members
Before the contest, the Guild Leaders can set the rewards for the Cross-server Capture the Flag Contest.
Click "Arena" and choose "Reward" on the Cross-server Capture the Flag Contest interface. Then click "Settings" to set the total amount of the rewards (once set, it will be deducted from your Guild Fund). All guild members can check the available rewards from the CS CTF Reward interface.

Guild Members can check the rank of the rewards of other guilds and the Exploits of your guildmates. After the contest, Guild Members will be rewarded, according to their earned Exploits.

b. Rewards for the Top 8 Guilds
After the contest, the top 8 guilds will receive generous rewards, and the rewards will be added to the Guild Fund.

Here are the rewards for the Top 8 Guilds:

Rank Silver (Million) CPs Guild Leader Armor
1 1000 10,000 Holy Armor
2 800 8,000 Warrior Armor
3 600 6,000 Fighter Armor
4 500 5,000
5 400 4,000
6 300 3,000
7 200 2,000
8 100 1,000

Which guild will reach the top of the CO world? Let's just wait and see!

Note: These rewards are for the first Cross Server Capture the Flag event, they may be changed afterwards.