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Couple PK Tournament

Name Couple PK Tournament
Time Friday at 21:00----22:00

Participants: an hour of Heaven`s Blessing, experience, a Red Rose for husband (not 100% chance).
Winners: 2*Exp Balls, 3 daysof Heaven`s Blessing with special aura and a Prosperity Gift Pack. Open the pack to receive one of the grand prizes (Upgrade Cert.(Class5), 999roses, Wedding Gowns*2, +3 steed, Dragon Ball, 7 days of Heaven`s Blessing withspecial aura, 500 Study Points*2, permanent weapon accessory pack*2, House Permit,Exp Amrita (500% Exp)*2, 7 days of Heaven`s Blessing.

Server All Servers
Requirement Couples Only
Time Once A Week
Location Twin City
Key Item None
Key NPC Couple PK Guide, Twin City (444,290)
Find him to sign up and enter the field.

1. The Couple PK Tournament starts at 21:00 and ends at 22:00. Couples may enter the field between 21:00----21:09.
2. Husbands can sign up with the Couple PK Guide in Twin City (444,290) on behalf of the couple. Each couple should be teamed up while holding each other's hand or hugging each other as the husband talks to the Guide.

3. Talk to Couple PK Awarder (52, 46) to claim prizes or leave the field. All contestants will be moved out at the end of the Tournament. If killed, players can revive and leave by themselves.

Most couples prefer to venture together and appreciate the picturesque scenery in Conquer Online. To spice up their adventures, the Couple PK Tournament has recently been added so that couples can compete with one another and find out who are the best Kungfu Masters. Find Couple PK Guide in Twin City (444, 290) to sign up for the Couple Tournament.

It is a PK Tournament among couples, which means that only couples can team up and join. Please remember that only the husband can talk with the Guide and sign up for the Tournament, and meanwhile the couple should be holding each other’s hand or hugging each other.

During the PK Tournament, claim prizes or leave the field by talking to the Couple PK Awarder (52, 46). He is a big fan of the Couple PK Tournament and is ready to help every daring couple.