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Clan Qualifier

Requirement: Character level 70 +
Time: 11: 00-14: 00 and 19: 00-23: 00 Everyday

Sign Up
Only the Team Leaders can sign up for the Clan Qualifier by clicking the Arena->Clan Qualifier->Sign up button, and their team members who are in the same clan as the leader can participate in the Clan Qualifier.


The system will find the clans with closest Arena Points to compete with you and your clan members in your team, based on the time you signed up. 

Enter the Clan Qualifier
When the system has found a suitable opponent for you, you have 60 seconds to decide whether to challenge them or to surrender. All team members in the same clan as the clan leader can enter the Clan Qualifier. If no decision is made after 60 seconds, you will forfeit the match. One player is not allowed to participate in 2 different matches in the Clan Qualifier.


  1. After entering the Clan Qualifier, there will be 10 seconds preparation time.
  2. The match will begin after that time. Each match in the Clan Qualifier lasts for 5 minutes.

  3. During the match, the damage you and your clan members inflict upon your opponents will count towards your score.
  4. If the players from a clan are all knocked out, the other clan with players still in the arena will be declared the winner, regardless of the score.
  5. After the match, if both sides have players in the arena, the clan that scores the highest will be declared the winner.
  6. 3% of the losers' Arena Points will be deducted, and awarded to the winning side.
  7. After the match, you need to wait for 5 seconds to be sent back to your original location.
  8. You will receive no punishment for killing a player in the Clan Qualifier, nor will items drop after you are killed.

You can choose to "Watch" matches in the Arena. Click "Renew", and then click "Watch", to watch any ongoing Qualifier. The combatants will not see you, but you can see their fight! Of course, you are not able to attack or be damaged, while you are watching a match.

Arena Points

  1. The Clan Arena Points decide the clan's rank.
  2. Your clan will receive some Arena Points the first time your clan joins the Clan Qualifier. The Arena Points are granted based on the level of your clan. For each Clan Qualifier match, 3% Arena Point of the loser will be deducted and awarded to the winning side.
  3. On the first of every month, the Arena Points will be reset to their initial value.
  4. Your clan is unable to join the Clan Qualifier if your Arena Points is 0.

Activity Points

  1. For each Clan Qualifier Match the clan members fight, 100 Clan Activity Points will be awarded to the clan. Clan Activity Points will also increase when you are searching for an opponent.
  2. Clan Activity Points will be cleared on each Monday.
  1. Honor Points will be awarded to the top 200 clans, on a daily and monthly basis.
  2. For 9 victories in the Clan Qualifier in a day, you will receive an Exp Ball and 500 Honor Points! For 20 matches fought in a day, you will also receive an Exp Ball and 500 Honor Points!
  1. The Clan Qualifier will take place on weekly and monthly basis.
  2. Weekly Settlement: Weekly Settlement will take place on each Monday, at 0:00. The Top 200 clans whose activity is less than 10000 will lose 20% of their Arena Points. At the same time, the activity points of all clans will be cleared.
  3. Monthly Settlement: The Monthly Settlement will take place on the first of every month. The Arena Points of every clan will be cleared. Honor points will be rewarded to every clan member, according to clan ranking.