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The Children's Day In-game Event 2009

Time: June 12 00:00-June 14 23:59

Quests: Catch the TQEnvoy
Answer the Riddles
Send the presents
Who's a good boy

It's time to celebrate Children's Day again! Each year, children will be given flowers, balloons, and candy and gifts on this day, and this year is no exception! Find Angela (427 366) in Twin City to see what activities are being offered this year. Which one are you interested in?

Catch the TQEnvoy

Time: June 12-June 14
Requirement: No Limit
NPC: Envoy

From June 12 to June 14, the TQEnvoy will appear at (439 380) Twin City every hour (00:00, 01:00, 02:00 and so on). This cute Envoy will carry a lot of gifts about and when you left click to catch him, he might drop a lot of gifts on the ground. You'll hurry and pick them up!

Answer the Riddles

Time: June 12-June 14
Requirement: Level 40 or above
NPC: Grandma Li (Twin City, 428 388)

Grandma Li in twin city will also send gifts to the children, but this year, you have to answer her riddles if you want to get gifts from her. Grandma Li will give you riddles with 4 hints each. The sooner you get the answer, the better the reward.

1. Each riddle should be answered within 2 minutes.
2. You can answer 5 riddles at most each day.

Send the presents

Time: June 12-June 14
Requirement: Level 40 or above
NPC: Clark (Twin City, 424 347)
Storekeeper (Twin City 415,351)
Stacy (Twin City, 368 092)
Lucy (Phoenix Castle, 807 461)
Cecil (Phoenix Castle, 160 259)
Chris (Ape City, 557 597)
Tom (Desert City, 464 652)
Victor (Bird Island, 729 533)

On the crowded streets, you find a lonely boy, Clark (Twin City, 424 347). He misses his buddies so much. So you want to help him send presents to his buddies.

1. Clark asks you to buy presents from the Store Keeper (415,351) in Twin City first and then send them to his buddies. At the same time, he gives you a treasure bag.
2. Find a buddy, then right clicking the treasure bag to transform into a bunny. Talk to the friend and give him the gift.
3. Head back to Clark to get your rewards.

1. You can visit 5 Buddies at most every day.
2. The reward can not be traded and will disappear if it is dropped.


Who's a good boy?

Time: June 12-June 14
Requirement: Level 20 or above
NPC: Teacher Zhang (Twin City, 380 339)
Principal Li (Twin City, 392 312)

1. Find Teacher Zhang (380 339) in Twin City. She will leave an assignment to all kids.
2. All monsters will drop Fancy Stars. Kill monsters and collect Fancy Stars. You can hand in stars to Teacher Zhang from 0:00 to 20:59. She will reward you a gift once you give her 10 Fancy Stars. You can claim five gifts at most from Teacher Zhang each day.
3. The one who collects and hands in the most Fancy Stars within one day can claim the best rewards at Principal Li (392 312) between 21:00-23:59. Don't miss it!

1. The Fancy Stars can not be traded, and will disappear once it is dropped.