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Weekend Carnival Cake Baking 2009

Server Time: Nov 7th 0:00 to Nov 8th 23:59
Prizes: Joy Coins, EXP
NPC: Cake Baker (Twin City 443,330)
Miss Liu (Twin City 360,328)

Requirement: Level 40 or above

1. Find the Cake Baker (Twin City 443,330) to receive this quest.
2. You need to pay 500 silver for each cake recipe. There are a total of 4 recipes for the 4 available cakes.
3. Read the recipe carefully, since you’ll need to gather the materials by hunting monsters.
4. After all the ingredients are found, you can right click the recipe to make your cake. You’ll randomly make a Supreme, Normal, or Inferior Cake.
5. You can just right click the cake to eat it and gain the EXP, or you can find the Cake Baker and exchange it for Joy Coins! 1 Joy Coin can be exchanged for 1 Carnival Point.
6. You can claim a prize from the boxes behind Miss Liu (Twin City 360,328) with 25 Carnival points.

Cakes of different qualities offer different rewards. Check the information to learn more.
1. Supreme Cake: 1 EXP Ball or 5 Joy Coins.
2. Normal Cake: 1/2 EXP Ball or 3 Joy Coins.
3. Inferior Cake: 1/6 EXP Ball or 1 Joy Coin.