The Cove Heart

Hunt the Might | The Cove Heart

Duration: Aug. 16th - Aug. 31st

Requirement: team quest; team should have 2 members at least, and each should be Level 80 or above.

NPC: Taoist Wu (Twin City, 442 349), Taoist Jade (Dragon Cove, 52 62)

The Cove Heart
(Dragon Cove, 42 54)
The Cove Heart
(Dragon Cove, 46 54)
The Cove Heart
(Dragon Cove, 50 54)
The Cove Heart
(Dragon Cove, 55 54)
The Cove Heart
(Dragon Cove, 60 54)
The Cove Heart
(Dragon Cove, 50 47)
The Cove Heart
(Dragon Cove, 49 38)

Reward: SummerWindPack, SummerRefreshingPack, SummerRainPack and SummerIcePack will be rewarded according to how many different Element Souls a team has.

The Cove HeartSummerWindPack Click to receive a random gift from 1 PrayingStone(1-day), 1 DiligenceBook, 1 DragonPillFragment, 3 BlackBurrowTokenScraps, 5 WeaponAccessoryCoupons, 1 HorseRacingPointsPack, 3 RefinerySacks, 8 PrayingStoneScraps(S) and 8
The Cove HeartSummerRefreshingPack Click to receive a random gift from 10 CPs(B), 3 Orchids, 2 DiligenceBooks, +1Steed, 9 WeaponAccessoryCoupons, 1 BlackBurrowToken, 1 Bomb, 1 VitalityPill, 5 RefinerySacks, 1 PrayingStone(S), 1 MeteorCluster, 1ExpBall.
The Cove HeartSummerRainPack Click to receive a random gift from 30 CPs(B), 3 SmallLotteryTickets, 1 DelicateFlowerBag, 1 SoulPack, 9 Orchids, 1 EnduranceBook, 2 ExpBalls, 2 PrayingStones(S), 1 Garment(7-day), 1 DragonPill, 1 EXP Potion and 1 MeteorScroll.
The Cove HeartSummerIcePack Click to receive 2 random gifts. One from 1 QuestChanceB, 3 SmallLotteryTickets, 40 CPs(B), 1 MoonBox, 3 EXPBalls, 1 PrayingStone(M), 1 CelestialStone, 2 EnduranceBooks, 9 Orchids, a RefinedGem DelicateFlowerBag, 1 SoulPack, 9 Orchids, 2 DragonPills, and 1 Garment(7-day), and the other from 1 DiligenceBook, 8 PrayingStoneScraps(S), 8 EXPBallScraps, and 2 DragonPillFragments.


1. From Aug. 16th to Aug. 31st, players above Level 80 can visit Taoist Wu (Twin City, 442 349) to learn about this quest and ask him to send you to the Dragon Cove.

2. You can find Taoist Jade (Twin City, 442 349) in the Dragon Cove. To accept the quest from Taoist Jade, you have to team up with your friends. After you talk to Taoist Jade, he will give you a random Element Soul and a random Element Direction Attribute.

3. In the Dragon Cove, you also can find 5 different Element Soul Boxes: Metal Soul Box, Wood Soul Box, Water Soul Box, Fire Soul Box and Earth Soul Box, an Element Tripod and the Cove Heart. After you click an Element Soul Box, you will receive an Element Soul (Metal Soul from Metal Soul Box, Wood Soul from Wood Soul Box, Water Soul from Water Soul Box, Fire Soul from Fire Soul Box, and Earth Soul from Earth Soul Box). The different soul you have will give you a different lighting effect around your character.

The Cove Heart

4. You can change your Element Direction Attribute by clicking the Element Tripod. After you click it, you will receive a random Element Direction Attribute which will give you a special halo under your feet.

The Cove Heart

5. How to awaken the Cove Heart?
To awaken the Cove Heart, the color of the Element Directions Attributes you and your teammates have should be the same. Second, each one in your team needs to find a different Element Soul Box and open it to obtain an Element Soul. Only by that, the team leader can draw supports from the element power and awaken the Cove.

6. After the Cove Heart is awakened, each of the team members will receive a gift pack according to how many different Element Souls your team has. (2 – SummerWindPack, 3 – SummerRefreshingPack, 4 – SummerRainPack, 5 – SummerIcePack)

The Cove Heart

1. You can claim treasures from the Cove Heart up to 3 times each day and you need to wait 15 minutes to continue after each claim.
2. After you click the Element Tripod, you have to wait for 1 minute before you can use it again.
3. Remember that the more different Element Souls your team has, the better treasure your team can claim from the Cove Heart. So, invite more of your friends to do this quest with you.

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