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Treasure in the Blue

As more and more rumors begin to spread around Twin City, a vicious underworld has surfaced, bringing with it the presence of the Giant Octopi, evil messengers from the Proud Sea. For centuries, it's been a foreboding place for the average citizen, and a land of mystery and excitement for adventurers. Nefarious ghosts were long trapped there, guarding an untold amount of lost treasure and knowledge. To seek vengeance upon those that still breathe, they try to lure the innocent into their dark nest and turn them into evil sprits. Warnings have been given, yet who can resist the temptation of treasure and great power?

Time: Monday - Saturday 12:30 - 13:30; 20:30 - 21:30

Requirement: Level 80 or above

NPC: Squid ward Tentacles (Twin City 301. 529)

Prizes: Players who have the Ancient Coins will have chance to get one of the following rewards.

Gold Coins Small Lottery Ticket, Jade Hare, Celestial Bird or Green Eyed Beast. (random one)
Silver Coins Endurance Book, Class2 Money Bag, Horse Racing Points Pack (3000), Exp Ball Scrap or Small Joy Stone. (random one)
Copper Coins Meteor, Class1 Money Bag, Small Joy Stone or Exp Ball Scrap (random one).
Golden Octopus Drops Lottery Ticket, Quest Chance B, Penitence Amulet, Refinery Pack Ticket, Dragon Soul Ticket, Racing Points Pack Ticket, Exp Ball, Endurance Book or Meteor.


Have you heard of the Proud Sea? It's a place where lots of pirate ships sank and lost their stolen treasure. The ship will be ready to set sail at 12:30 - 13:29 and 20:30 - 21:29, Monday - Saturday. If you have reached Level 80, I'd be glad to count you in! Ready to take on a bloody treasure hunt? We promise that it will be an unforgettable adventure!

A treasure hunt is always full of risks. In this lawless hell, all the rules will be as distant as light in the depths of the abyss. No one will gain any PK points for kills, nor lose any experience if they die! Just like gambling, one good hit might cause you to lose everything you have, or gain you the world, no matter if you are strong or not!

1. Talk to Squidward Tentacles (Twin City 301. 529). He will transport you to the Proud Sea, where you will go on an exciting hunting trip for Ancient Coins.

Treasure in the Blue

2. Ancient Coins lie scattered in the deepest seas. There are three types, Gold Coins, Silver Coins and Copper Coins. You can get them from the Coin Stealers, the Shabby Chests, and other treasure hunters. You can also get coins from some special sea monsters!

Treasure in the Blue

Treasure in the Blue

3. The Octopi in the Proud Sea love collecting coins. The Golden Octopus loves Gold Coins, while the Silver Octopus likes Silver Coins. The Pirate Wizards have put a spell on all the treasure, so you can only keep hold of a coin for 60 minutes, at most. Remember to exchange the coins with the Mammon Envoy within 60 minutes after you get them, or they will disappear!

Treasure in the Blue

4. The Mammon Envoy is in the Prize Center. You can find any of the 8 PC Teleporters in the Proud Sea to send you there. If you just returned from the Prize Center, you need to wait 3 minutes to go there, again.

Treasure in the Blue

5. While you are traveling around searching for Coins, you should always watch your back! You might be the target of other treasure hunters, if they know you're carrying around too much gold!

Treasure in the Blue

6. The rewards are limited.This stingy guy only prepared 400 pieces of gifts for the Copper Coin, 200 pieces for the Silver Coin and 100 pieces for the Gold Coin, each round. When all the gifts are claimed, the treasure hunting will end earlier and the ship will return. You have no choice but leave the Proud Sea with regret. So, wing your pace for shining coins and catch time to swap them!

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