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Daily Quest - Release the Souls

Daily Quests
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Save Matthew Treasure Hunting

Name Release the Souls
Rewards 50 Study Points, Exp worth 1 Exp Ball
Requirement At least 1st Reborn - Level 100 or above
Time Limit Once daily
Location Desert City
Key NPC Name: Desert Guardian
Location: Desert City (536,643)
Function: Quest NPC

Brief Walkthrough

  1. You can accept this quest from the Desert Guardian, once a day.
  2. Find 16 Soldier's Remains in the Desert and release their souls! Once finished, you can claim your reward from the Desert Guardian.
  3. You will get a bonus if you find and hand in the Bloody Money Bag and Bloody Testament.

Detailed Walkthrough

Several days ago, it was reported that a group of bandits had appeared in the Desert. Our troops were sent to eliminate these bandits, but they were totally annihilated, due to inept leadership. Their remains are still lying in the Desert… 

The Desert Guardian needs someone to help release the trapped souls of these soldiers, so they will be able to find peace. Take the quest from him, now! 

You just need to find 16 Soldier's Remains and release their souls.
Once you find a Soldier's Remains in the Desert, click it to release the soul…

You found another Soldier's Remains, but he rose up and spoke! You find out that he played dead and hid amongst the bodies of other soldiers, to keep the bandits from seeing him. He says he will go back to report this to the Desert Guardian. He swears that he will avenge his comrades one day!

Occasionally, you may stumble upon a soldier that has not yet gone. Though badly injured, they are able to talk. After telling you to take the special relic, they can move on to the next world. You can now release their soul and take the relic.

Don't be taken in by the bandits who pretend to be soldiers. If you find them, show them no mercy for their heinous acts!

Once you've found 16 Soldier's Remains in the Desert and release their souls, it's time to report back to the Desert Guardian. He will reward you for your service!

Don't forget to hand in the relics you got from the soldiers to the Desert Guardian for an extra reward! 

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