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The Age of Jiang Hu

Have you ever wondered what the higher levels of Kung-Fu would be, when you've mastered the skills of your class? The time has come to enter the age of Jiang Hu, and craft a unique skill of your own!

If you've reached Level 30 of your 2nd rebirth (Quick Route to 2nd Rebirth), you can find Mr. Sage (212,193) in the Market and unveil the mysteries of Jiang Hu!

The Age of Jiang Hu

Exploring the Jiang Hu is kind of dangerous, so you'd better learn about the details from Mr. Sage, first.

The Age of Jiang Hu

Before introducing you into the way of Jiang Hu, Mr. Sage will test your understanding with several questions. If you pass the test, you're able to name a Jiang Hu of your own and start your adventure as a Jiang Hu warrior! Besides, you also can learn more information about the Jiang Hu through Mr. Sage.

The Age of Jiang Hu

Enter the Jiang Hu

Once your unique Jiang Hu skill has been named, you'll receive 100 Study Points, 2 Talents, and 5 Free Courses for your Jiang Hu training.

In the Jiang Hu, a fighter can have up to 4 Talents. Every time you are defeated by a fighter whose Talent Amount is not more than yours, your Talent Amount will fall by 1. Should you defeat a player whose Talent Amount is not less than yours, you'll have your Talent Amount raised by 1!

Note: While in Jiang Hu mode, you can only attack the fighters who are also on the path of Jiang Hu. Attacking those fighters won't bring you any PK Points, and you will not lose EXP when killed, however, your Talent Amount will decrease by 1 if your Talent Amount is not lower than the killer’s, until it reaches 0. But in one case, if you're red-names or black-names, even you're not in Jiang Hu mode, you can still get killed by fighters of Jiang Hu, and lose your gear to them. And outside Wind Plain and the Market, if you're in Jiang Hu mode and get killed by players who are not in Jiang Hu mode, you will lose EXP.

The Age of Jiang Hu

Being a fighter of the Jiang Hu, you're able to promote your own attributes through training. Open your character window and push the 'Jiang' button at the bottom.

The Age of Jiang HuThe Age of Jiang Hu

Here, you'll find the 9 stages to train yourself. Each stage is comprised of 9 stars that you need to learn to activate. When you activate a star by training, you'll receive one attribute at a random level. There are 15 types of bonus attributes, at 6 different levels (Common-Sharp-Pure-Rare-Ultra-Epic). The higher level it is, the better the quality, and the more powerful the attribute.

Each time you train will cost you 10 Study Points, 1 Talent, and 1 Free Course.

The Age of Jiang Hu

You can accumulate Free Courses over time, whether you're online or offline. When the Progress bar is full with 10,000 points, you`ll gain 1 Free Course. Please note that you can store up to 100 Free Courses.

The more your Talent Amount, the faster the progress. If you stay online in Twin City, it’ll produce courses 30 times faster than that in other conditions.

Talent Amount Progress Points Gained Per Minute in TC Time Till One Free Course Progress Points Gained (Normally) Time Till One Free Course (Normally)
0 312 32 minutes 10 1,000 minutes
1 625 16 minutes 20 500 minutes
2 781 12 minutes 26 384 minutes
3 937 10 minutes 31 322 minutes
4 1,562 6.4 minutes 52 192 minutes

Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed by the sense of danger that comes naturally to those who follow the way of a Jiang Hu warrior. If you want to leave for a while, click the PK button and change it to other PK mode, but you'll have to wait 10 minutes to quit Jiang Hu. When you're no longer a part of the Jiang Hu, you can't accumulate Free Courses. Remember, you're welcome to return at anytime you want! Just activate the 'Jiang Hu' icon again, and you'll be back!

Start Your Training in Jiang Hu

When you are ready, start your training from a star at Stage 1. To know what attribute you've obtained, you can hover the cursor over the star. When you activate a star, you'll receive one of the attributes, at a random level. Each level of an attribute gives a certain amount of points to your Jiang Hu Score.

If you receive an Ultra attribute, keep training it and you'll have the chance to go down the Chaotic Path, and increase the attribute to Epic, the most powerful level.

The Age of Jiang Hu

When the current stage score reaches a certain amount, the next stage will be unlocked.

The Age of Jiang Hu

While training, if you take matching attributes on adjacent stars, they'll become aligned, allowing your powers to intensify.

The Number of Aligned Stars Bonus Score
2 10%
3 13%
4 15%
5 18%
6 21%
7 25%
8 30%
9 50%

The Age of Jiang Hu

Other than Free Training with Free Courses, you can also take Normal Training, by using CPs. The more times you take Normal Training, the higher the cost will be.

There are also Special Training for VIP Level 3 players, and Senior Training for VIP Level 5 players, which can be activated with CPs. Both of such training ensure a higher rate to acquire high-quality attributes. If you're not satisfied with the attribute you receive, you can pay CPs or a Protection Pill to restore the original one.

The Age of Jiang Hu

Each Protection Pill can help you restore the original attribute for once, and you can obtain them by slaying monsters in Jiang Hu mode. The Protection Pill will expire in 2 days after its activation.

The Age of Jiang HuThe Age of Jiang Hu   The Age of Jiang HuThe Age of Jiang Hu

Auto-Training in Jiang Hu is available to VIP Level 3 players or higher.

The Age of Jiang HuThe Age of Jiang Hu

Score Ranking

With higher score, you can unlock more stages in Jiang Hu to enhance your abilities. Beyond that, you'll be listed on the Score Ranking, and have your name seen by all those who walk this sacred path!

Click the 'Ranking' button on the Jiang Hu interface to check the Score Ranking list. There, you'll see your rank, along with the Top 100 heroes and their information. You can also specify a rank to check the information of the player in that place.

The Age of Jiang Hu

New Customization - Skill Soul

Skill Soul, the unique skill exclusively for the players who attain Ultra attributes for all, in other words, who upgrade the Jiang Hu Score to Level 14. If you’ve met the requirement, then you'll be able to activate the Skill Soul! What's more, you'll be able to shout out the skill name to the crowd when performing skills!

The Age of Jiang HuThe Age of Jiang Hu

Welcome to the Age of Jiang Hu, all Conquerors. Now let's experience all new features and enjoy the Jiang Hu!