Purchase Rebates Event

Duration: April 18th - April 27th

NPC: Sales Promoter (Twin City 428, 368)

Requirement: None

From April 18th - April 27th, a Sales Promoter will come to twin city, carrying a full bag of awesome items and he will give you rebates based on your purchase amount! For each 999/1,999/2,999 CPs you spent at the Sales Promoter, you will receive a rebate of 49/159/299 CPs!

What’s more, after the event ends, the top 5 players in each server who have the highest purchase at the Sales Promoter will receive additional prize!

Note: The prizes will be delivered to Prize Officer (Market, 185, 170) on approximately May 6th.

1st: Big Permanent Stone

2nd: -1 Mount Armor (optional)

3rd: New Garment - Dancing Dress (-1)

4th: Tough Drill

5th: Star Drill

Note: Only the purchase made at the Sales Promoter counts in the rebates.

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