Weekend Event - Divine Box

Requirement: Level 80 and above

NPC: Bowen (Twin City 464, 381);

Reward: You will receive a Weekend Passion Pack and bonus rewards of EXP and Heaven’s Blessing after you open the Divine Box.

Weekend Passion Pack Non-reborn player will receive one of following gifts: EXP Ball Scrap(B) x10, Praying Stone Scrap(B) x5, Meteor, 7-day Garment(B),7-day Weapon Accessory(B), Exp Potion(B), Super Weapon Bag, Celestial Stone(B), +1 Stone(B), and Small Lottery Ticket.
1st-reborn player will receive one of following gifts: EXP Ball(B), Praying Stone Scrap(B) x10, Meteor x2, 7-day Garment(B),7-day Weapon Accessory(B), Endurance Book(B), Triple Exp Potion(B), Super Armor Bag, +1 Stone(B) x2, and Small Lottery Ticket x2.
2nd-reborn player will receive one of following gifts: EXP Ball(B) x2, Praying Stone (B), Meteor x5, 100 Chi Points, Cordiality Book(B), +2 Stone, 7-day Garment(-1%)(B), Triple Exp Potion(B) x2, Super Equipment Bag, Refined Gem, and Small Lottery Ticket x3.

Quest Item:

Divine Box An ancient treasure box sealed by some secret magic. The characters carved on the box tell us the way to unlock it.
Divine Box Magical core found from the Giant Apes. Bowen may ask you to collect these cores in order to unlock the Divine Box.


1. During the weekend, every Level 80 and above player can claim a Divine Box from Bowen. The Divine Box is sealed by some magic, and you can unlock it when you complete some requirement.

2. There are 3 ways to unlock the box. The first way is to kill 50 Apparitions or Poltergeists. The second way is to kill 100 Ratlings or Fire Rats L38, while the third way is to collect 25 Blood Cores from the Giant Apes. You can right click the box to see which way should be used. If you are lucky enough, you may get a lessened requirement.

3. After you complete the requirement carved on the Divine Box, you can open it to receive the rewards contained.

1. You can claim up to 5 Divine Boxes from Bowen in a day but you need to wait 30 minutes to claim another one each time.
2. If you unlock the Divine Box within 10 minutes, you`ll be rewarded with 60 minutes of EXP and 24 hours of Heaven Blessing. Every extra 10 minutes you spend to unlock the box will lessen 10 minutes of EXP and 4 hours of Heaven Blessing from your bonus rewards. That is to say, if you spend 60 minutes or more to unlock, you`ll receive no bonus.

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