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Battlefield Heroes

Duration: 08:00 - 24:00 on Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Requirement: Level 90 and above

NPC: Taoist Pure (Twin City 260,442); Demon Buster
Lvl 90-100 Battlefield: (9,189),(574,394); Lvl 100-110 Battlefield: (304,547), (7,255); Lvl 110-120 Battlefield: (206,76), (674,493); Lvl 120-130 Battlefield: (9,241), (574,394); Lvl 130-140 Battlefield: (670,421), (15,246).

Rewards: The heroes who have eliminated 300 invaders can claim one from 300 minutes of EXP, 100 Study Points and 40 Chi Points. In addition, the hero who killed the most invaders of the day will be rewarded with 3 EXP Balls and an optional newly-designed weapon accessory (-1, 3days) shown as below.

Battlefield Heroes Divine Gun. Two-Handed Weapon Accessory. This powerful gun was designed for a team of ancient royal guards. Battlefield Heroes Cunning Spirit. One-Handed Weapon Accessory. It belonged to a cattle spirit in the heaven before.
Battlefield Heroes Cloud Dragon. One-Handed Weapon Accessory. It was the dragon spirit's favorite. Battlefield Heroes Conqueror Bow. Bow Weapon Accessory. Wear it to stimulate the desire of conquest deeply in your mind.
Battlefield Heroes Beard Mask. Shield Weapon Accessory. This mask gives a sense of righteousness, holding the function of exorcism.

Quest Item

Battlefield Heroes Wishing Gate. Right click to use and move randomly in an alien battlefield. Available in the alien battlefields. Battlefield Heroes Potency Potion. Right click to use and restore your XP. Available in the alien battlefields.
Battlefield Heroes Boost Potion. Right click to use and inflict 10 times damage on monsters for 2 minutes. Available in the alien battlefields. Battlefield Heroes Double Attack Potion. Right click to use and double your Attack for 2 minutes. Available in the alien battlefields.
Battlefield Heroes 5*Attack Potion. Right click to use and achieve 5 times Attack for 3 minutes. Available in the alien battlefields. Battlefield Heroes Stamina Potion. Right click to use and fill up your Stamina in a short time. Available in the alien battlefields.


1. A horde of bandits have crossed the borderline and infiltrated five of the alien battlefields. Brave heroes are summoned together to defend the homeland! Battles will be fired between 08:00 – 24:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Speak with Taoist Pure in Twin City and you will be sent to one of the battlefields according to your ability.

Battlefield Heroes

2. After you are teleported to the battlefield, you will receive some random items (like Attack Potions, Stamina Potions, ect.) from Taoist Pure to help you kill invaders. After you kill 300 invaders, you can report to Demon Buster to get your reward. It is advised to stay on the battlefield to increase your killing number as there would be extra rewards for the hero who slays the most invaders of the day.

Battlefield Heroes

3. You can find Demon Buster on the battlefield who can sell you different medical supplies and military materials according to your class. With these items, you'll be more powerful and efficient to deal with those invaders.

Battlefield Heroes

4. If you want to go slay invaders in a different battlefield which is not matched with your ability. You can pay 120 CPs to Demon Buster to ask him send you to where you want to go. Your kills won’t be reset.

Battlefield Heroes

Note: You can get in and out of the battlefield freely within 30 minutes after your first access. After 30 minutes, you will be sent out of the alien battlefield. If you want to continue your fights, you need to pay Taoist Pure 27 CPs to extend the time by 30 minutes, once a day.

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