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Zone Quest - Wind Plain


Level Requirement




Letter Delivery 1


The TC Vice Captain (Twin City 525,318) asked you to retrieve the Military Letter from the Warehouseman (Twin City 402,313).

Talk to the Warehouseman to retrieve the Military Letter

100 Silver

Letter Delivery 2


The TC Vice Captain (Twin City 525,318) needs a Turtledove Plume to mark the letter. Go hunt Turtledoves and find a Plume for him.

Kill Turtledoves and bring a Turtledove Plume to the TC Vice Captain.

EXP, 300 Silver and 5 Resolutives

Letter Delivery 3


Hurry and deliver the Plume Letter to Xu Liang (Wind Plain 368,643).

Deliver the Plume Letter to Xu Liang.

EXP, 500 Silver and Attack Pot (20m)

Robin Elimination


Recently, lots of Robins have invaded the Wind Plain. Go kill 15 Robins and try to drive them away.

Kill 15 Robins

EXP and 500 Silver 3 Small Joy Stones

Feather Collection


Artisan Luo (Wind Plain 342,640) is lack of materials to make arrows. Go help him hunt the Robins and bring back 5 Robin Feathers.

Kill Robins to collect 5 Robin Feathers.

EXP, 400 Silver and a Level 15 refined weapon

Love Confession 1


Xu Liang (Wind Plain 368,643) has been secretly in love with Ru Hua for a long time. But he is still not courageous enough to tell her about his love. Go help him to pick 9 Peach Blossoms from the Peach Trees. You need to wait 6 seconds to pick another Peach Blossom.

Collect 9 Peach Blossoms.

EXP and 400 Silver

Love Confession 2


Xu Liang (Wind Plain 368,643) has made a Peach Blossom Bouquet and wants to give it to Ru Hua (Wind Plain 495,622).

Send the Peach Blossom Bouquet to Ru Hua.

EXP and 200 Silver

Love Confession 3


Ru Hua (Wind Plain 495,622) also has a crush on Xu Liang. She made a Handkerchief and wanted to give it to him, but it was stolen by the Apparitions! Go help her to retrieve the Handkerchief!

Kill the Apparitions to retrieve the Handkerchief.

EXP and 300 Silver

Love Confession 4


Ru Hua has sewn some beautiful patterns on the Handkerchief and is asking you to give it to Xu Liang (Wind Plain 368,643).

Give the Handkerchief to Xu Liang.

EXP and 300 Silver

Love Confession 5


Xu Liang has heard that Ru Hua accepted his love! He wants to date her near the river. Please take the message to Ru Hua  (Wind Plain 495,622).

Talk to Ru Hua.

EXP, 200 Silver and a Refined Deerskin Boots

Capture Spirit I


The Fortuneteller (Wind Plain 489,622) has been studying spirits for years and recently invented this Spirit Container. Kill Apparitions and save their spirits, inside.

Kill Apparitions and save 10 spirits in the Spirit Container

EXP and 500 Silver

Capture Spirit II


The spirit of Apparitions is sealed by a mysterious power. The Fortuneteller couldn’t break the seal and asked you to find Master Hao (Wind Plain 509,624), for more help.

Talk to Master Hao.

EXP, 200 Silver,1 Defense Pot (20m) and a Refined Armor(Bound)

Ghostly Secrets I


In order to break the mysterious seal, Master Hao (Wind Plain 509,624) is asking you to kill Poltergeists and gather a Soul Stone.

Kill Poltergeists to gather a Soul Stone.

EXP,400 Silver 3 Small Joy Stones and Level 22 refined headgear/earrings

Ghostly Secrets II


The Grisly Specter killed innocent people and used Soul Stone to collect their soul. The innocent ghosts` resentment and revenge finally help the Grisly Specter become more powerful. Hurry to find the Iron Mine Assistant (Wind Plain 104,443), and ask him how to console the innocent ghosts.

Talk to the Mine Assistant.

EXP, 400 Silver and 5 Painkillers

Ghostly Secrets III


Kill Heavy Ghosts or Poltergeists to get Soul Beads and console the ghosts in the graveyard. Talk to Master Hao (Wind Plain 509,624) after you`ve consoled 5 innocent ghosts.

Kill Heavy Ghosts or Poltergeists to get Soul Beads and console the ghosts in the graveyard (173,460).

EXP, 500 Silver and 5 Painkillers

Ghostly Secrets IV


Master Hao (Wind Plain 509,624) is asking to you to kill the Grisly Specter. Offence is the best defense!

Kill Grisly Specter.

EXP, 1000 Silver and  Deerskin Boots(Bound)

Letter Home


Master Hao (Wind Plain 509,624) recently found a Blood Letter. It was a poem written by a villager for his wife, Yu Lin (Phoenix Castle 226,258). Unfortunately, he was killed by the Grisly Specter, while on his way home...

Give the Blood Letter to Yu Lin.

EXP, 300 Silver and Attack Pot (20m)

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