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Bound CPs

  1. You can use CPs (Bound) to purchase items from the Shopping Mall and VIP Store. However, you are not able to use (Bound) CPs to buy a Memory Agate, Permanent Stone, 7 Star Pouch, Serenity Pouch, Tough Drill, Sash, the Steed Pack, Tulips, Money Bag, Celestial Stone, Exemption Token or Dragon Balls. The items you purchase with Bound CPs will be bound to you.
  2. You can use the (Bound) CPs  to donate to the Nobility rankings, as well as with the Broadcast System.
  3. (Bound) CPs can't be used to play Texas Hold'em Poker, to play the Lottery, to get out of Jail or Botjail, to socket Talismans, to redeem equipment, to open Nurture Packs, or to buy equipment from the Kit Merchant.

Note: Bound items are only applicable to other Bound items. For example, a Bound +1 Stone can only add a bonus to Bound equipment.