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Weapon Accessory


Fashion comes and goes, style is forever. 
-------- Mr. Zeal


Weapon Accessories are decorative items that supplement your weapons and make you stylish. Many monsters roaming the world map, including the areas of Wind Plain, Maple Forest, Love Canyon, Desert, Bird Island and Mystic Cave, carry such accessories with them. The details are as follows.

Map Monsters
Wind Plain Flying Rooster, Blue Cooer, Game Bird, War Ghost
Maple Forest Fire Snake, Cateran Boss, Blue Elf, Elf King
Love Canyon Smart Monkey, Roaring Ape, Snow Ape, Crazy Snake
Desert Sand Devil, Mount Monster, Stone Monster, Blade Monster
Bird Island Bird King, Silver Hawk, Robber
Mystic Cave Flying Bat, Bloody King, Bull Devil, Green Devil

In addition to these monsters, the Terato Dragon in Frozen Grotto carries Weapon Accessories too.

There are various Weapon Accessories; mainly, these accessories are divided into 4 groups, those useable on 2-handed weapons, 1-handed weapons, shields and bows. If the accessory you have is not usable on your equipped weapon, a red cross will show up on the equipment panel to notify you. Each Weapon Accessory, after put on, expires in 7 days.


Name Usable on Image
Broom 2-Handed Weapon accessory02
Blue Guitar 2-Handed Weapon accessory03
Dragon Bone 2-Handed Weapon accessory04
Quant 2-Handed Weapon accessory05
Pipa 2-Handed Weapon accessory06
Palm Leaf Fan 2-Handed Weapon accessory07
Iron Shovel 2-Handed Weapon accessory08
Frozen Tuna 2-Handed Weapon accessory09
Ice Stick 2-Handed Weapon accessory10
Wrench 1-Handed Weapon accessory11
Wooden Club 1-Handed Weapon accessory12
Umbrella 1-Handed Weapon accessory13
Blow Fish 1-Handed Weapon accessory14
Feather Duster 1-Handed Weapon accessory15
Spatula 1-Handed Weapon accessory16
Invincible Fist 1-Handed Weapon accessory17
Fish Pole 1-Handed Weapon accessory18
Pan 1-Handed Weapon accessory19
Handbag 1-Handed Weapon accessory20
Back Pack 1-Handed Weapon accessory21
Sports Bag 1-Handed Weapon accessory22
Bunny 1-Handed Weapon accessory23
Good Evening Bear 1-Handed Weapon accessory24
Rod 1-Handed Weapon accessory25
Clap 1-Handed Weapon accessory26
Heavy Hammer 1-Handed Weapon accessory27
Light Saber 1-Handed Weapon accessory28
Tennis Racket 1-Handed Weapon
Ape City Ham 1-Handed Weapon accessory29
Wok Shield accessory30
Turtle Shell Shield accessory31
Love Shield Shield accessory32
Sun Flower Shield accessory33
Wheel Shield accessory34
Wooden Bow Bow accessory35
Love Bow Bow accessory36
Sea Horse Bow accessory37
Harp Bow accessory38
Force Bow Bow accessory39