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If you would like to chat with a player privately, select the 'Whisper' channel, press 'Shift' and click the player you want to talk to.

If a player sends you a message via the 'Whisper' channel, you will find that player's avatar above the input field.

Click the avatar to open the whisper interface.

Input messages in the box below and click 'Send' to reply.

In addition, expressions, chat log, black list and information about the target player are also available in the whisper interface.

1. Click to send an expression to the target player.

2. Click to view your Chat Log.

3. Click to view your black list.

4. Click to view the name of the target player's mate.

5. Click "Detail" to view the target player's basic status.

If you are chatting with more than 6 players at the same time, click to open the chat list.

The chat interfaces can be moved out from the game interface.

Team Chat

Select the 'Team' channel and input messages to send.

If you receive messages from your team, you will find a book icon above the input field. Click to open the interface.