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Refining Equipment


Blessed Great Master, market (178,208)

Level Requirement:

Above level 130


Leveling Range 
Dragon Balls Needed
Level +9 to +10   
Level +10 to +11   
Level +11 to +12   

The WuXing oven in Ethereal City has become highly successful recently. This is because it can be used to refine equipment to a higher level by melting certain amount of Dragon Balls.

Note: the NPC - ArtisanRow will be removed. You need to refine your items (+1 ~ +12) in the Wuxing Oven.

If you are above level 130, you can increase the bonus on your equipment! Find Blessed Great Master in market (178,208) to experience!

As long as you collect the needed Dragon Balls, hurry up to look for Blessed Great Master to refine your weapons. Moreover, trans-level refining is not allowed.

Be sure you have enough Dragon Balls before you go to find Blessed Great Master!